Tontouring is the Latest Contouring Craze

Rachel Adler

At this point, contouring may have reached peak heights: Between clown contouring, strobing, henna contouring and even lip contouring, we’ve come up with countless ways to fake chiseled features. But apparently there’s room for one more: Now, a British beauty owner has come up with yet another method, coining this one Tontouring. Marissa Carter, the owner of tanning company Cocoa Brown uses a fake tanner to define her cheekbones and nose.

She told the Daily Mail that this is actually much easier and faster than dealing with the complicated contouring palettes, because let’s face it, we don’t all have a makeup artist on hand like the Kardashians. Carter explains that it’s best to use a gradual tanning moisturizer for a gentle glow all over the face first, and then apply a darker shade of tan to the top of the forehead. She then uses an angled contouring brush to apply tanner under the cheekbones and blends it in, plus a little bit on the tip and sides of the nose to define it.

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For tips, she tells her viewers on Snapchat to use a mousse foundation because it’s oil-free and won’t clog your pores or cling to any wrinkles. She also notes that it might look harsh when you first apply, but just blend it in to make it even. Best of all, Carter claims this method of contouring will last you a whole week, so you won’t have to redo it each day.

For the full lesson, makeup artist and YouTube star Wayne Goss has already created a tutorial, so you can join in on the latest craze: