What is Dry Conditioner? Everything You Need to Know

Rachel Krause

Dry ConditionerWe’ve come so far since the days when we couldn’t fathom going a day without washing our hair. Now, it’s par for the course—we’re more likely to skip two days than we are to shampoo on the daily. The rise of dry shampoo has been the game changer to end all game changers, eliminating the need for that kind of dutiful hair-washing. Yes, you can have too much of a good thing, but for the most part, dry shampoo has improved our hair care routines in a big way.

But think of it this way: we wouldn’t dream of failing to follow up our traditional shampoos with a conditioner, so why should dry versions be any different? This is, as you may have already suspected, where dry conditioner comes in. What is dry conditioner? As the lesser-known, yet just as important, partner in crime of dry shampoo, dry conditioner’s job is to hydrate weightlessly—in a dry formula, unlike leave-in conditioners.

Dry shampoo absorbs oil, which is wonderful for its purposes, but those oil-zapping properties can also cause dryness on parts of the hair that are already prone to it, particularly your ends. If your hair tends to begin to look a little dry and unhealthy in the days between washes, dry conditioner will be right in your wheelhouse—the lightweight oils and nutrients in these formulas refresh your style and impart a soft, shiny, manageable texture that you just can’t achieve with dry shampoo alone.

Dry conditioner tackles the needs of your hair that dry shampoo doesn’t address: where dry shampoo addresses oiliness at the roots, dry conditioner eliminates dryness in the mid-lengths and ends. Basically, they’re a dream team, and we’ll never use one without the other again.

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