LOL: This is What Happens When Girls Text Pics of Beauty Blenders to Men

LOL: This is What Happens When Girls Text Pics of Beauty Blenders to Men
Photo: Pink Peonies

OH, BOYZ. Such dumb, silly humans with an inability to understand anything remotely feminine or stereotypically girly, like makeup, beauty products, and all that other GIRL stuff. Oh, wait, it’s 2017 and those archetypes are bullshit? Agh, that’s right! Because as the ever-growing male-beauty-blogger population has shown (what up, James Charles), makeup isn’t just a “women’s game.”

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But apparently, although zillions of dudes are embracing—and running—the world of beauty, some guys are still in the dark about beauty tools, as one Twitter user found out when she asked her followers to send pictures of Beauty Blenders to their male friends and screenshot the responses. And, as you could imagine, lowkey chaos ensues.


Earlier this week, Twitter user and makeup artist Selena Faye tweeted the above directions to her followers, where it was quickly retweeted more than six-thousand times. And, based on the responses her followers were getting, we can see why.

Some were, well, technically correct…



Others were more imaginative…



While some were actually totally, refreshingly correct.



But the real winning response—and true hero to all beauty lovers—is this one:



May we all have a Beauty Blender soaker in our lives some day.

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