What Exactly Is “Rich Girl Hair”?

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We heard the term thrown around backstage at NYFW (and all the other fashion weeks, for that matter), and while we may have nodded our heads in vacant understanding at the time, “rich girl hair” is still somewhat of a mystery. If you were a rich girl, wouldn’t you just get a blowout from a salon every week? Or depending on how rich of a girl you are, have a personal hair stylist who does your hair every day? Dream big, folks. Us girl-bosses saving up our acorns for things like bills, tacos, nights out, clothes, and yes, salon visits, would also like to have “rich girl hair” if for no other reason than it just looks effortlessly chic. Middle part, languid non-uniform waves—it’s as if beach hair went to debutante school.

On the runway, you can see it most plainly at shows like Carven and Rodarte. IRL, you can reference the sisters Haim. Always with lovely long locks, waved just so as to appear pulled together and coiffed but not like you struggled at all. Rich girls don’t struggle. That’s the whole point.

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Getty Images / Jeff Vespa

Getty Images / Jeff Vespa

Luckily for you, if you have long hair that’s straight or slightly wavy, it’s a relatively easy style to replicate. You mostly just need a good styling cream, a curling wand, and some flexible hold hairspray.

If you’re starting with wet hair, after washing and drying, apply a heat protecting spray/smoothing cream with thermal protection throughout damp hair. With a paddle brush, blow-dry your hair so it’s all smooth and sleek—you don’t have to focus on it being super straight or definitively textured. Then, with your curling wand, wrap front sections of your hair around the barrel and release when they look like loose waves. Repeat, moving back with sections of hair to form uneven wave patterns that don’t have to be in the same direction or length. As long as they’re loose and not curled, you’re all good.

Gently brush them out to smooth the hair so the curled sections aren’t all clumped together. If you’re worried that brushing will undo the wave, you can also rub some styling cream in your hands  and run your fingers through the waves lightly. Shellac those waves with a flexible hold hairspray so you don’t have to worry about them limping away by midday.

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For those “rich girls” who can’t be bothered heat-styling, this is totally doable in your sleep. With just slightly damp hair, work a bit of styling cream into hair and twist two loose buns either on top of your head or at the nape of your neck (uh, maybe best if you’re a side-sleeper). When you wake up, brush out the buns and you’ll have languidly wavy hair.

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