What People Actually Think of Your Weird Hair Color, Explained by GIFs

Rachel Adler
Pastel Hair

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Dyeing our hair various colors of the rainbow isn’t exactly anything new – the “dip dyed hair” trend gained speed about two years ago and much to everyone’s surprise, it isn’t going anywhere. Now the look has moved away from simply dyeing your ends to all-over placement and everything in between. Celebrities like Sienna Miller are trying out new shading techniques while stylists are telling us to take a more original approach with our fun colors.

But, the fact still remains that out-of-the-box colors aren’t exactly the “norm” in the streets. While in some of the major cities they are definitely more common, we of the purple, blue or pink hair hues still catch ourselves getting strange reactions every now and again. So, after a few awkward encounters during our holiday weekend travels, it only made sense to explain exactly what actually happens when you’re a real person with purple hair in the world (plus how we react to others reacting) in GIFs. This way, you can see exactly what it’s like to be a part of the world of colorful hair – just in case you’d like to dive in.

A child will glance up at you, stare for a minute, pull on their parent’s arm and shout: “Daddy that’s not a normal color!”



An older woman (using a magnifying glass to read the paper) will adjust her magnifying glass to stare through it and inspect your hair color. She’ll giving a disapproving look, of course, and all you’ll think is “I’m fabulous.”



You’ll arrive home and the first words out of your mother’s mouth will be, “Well this certainly won’t help you attract any boys.”



You’ll check out a guy (because you think you look fab that day) and then he’ll look at you and hurriedly look down at the floor. But whatever, in your mind, you still look like this: 

fabulous What People Actually Think of Your Weird Hair Color, Explained by GIFs


Your usual lady at the nail salon will look at your hair, and pull out a matching nail color. Because obviously you would want to match your polish to your hair, right?



You’ll be standing in an elevator and someone won’t stop staring at you so you’ll feel like you have something on your face, but then you’ll realize it’s probably just your amazing hair. Because it is amazing, sir.


You’ll show up at your office and everyone will just have to reach out and touch it. It’s still hair guys – still feels like hair.



Your dad will pull out a My Little Pony to let you know that this is what you remind him of, and then he’ll promptly post the side-by-side to Facebook, thinking it’s hilarious.

mylittlepony What People Actually Think of Your Weird Hair Color, Explained by GIFs


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