We Asked 5 Celebrity Trainers: What’s on Your Supermarket Shopping List?

We Asked 5 Celebrity Trainers: What’s on Your Supermarket Shopping List?
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Sadly, most of us won’t ever get the opportunity to work out with Kim Kardashian’s or Rihannas trainer, and the woman behind Shakira’s and Sarah-Jessica Parker’s abs won’t ever whip our obliques into shape before summer. Instead, we asked them—and a few other fitness pros—to share their grocery-store shopping lists, which offer insight into their own eating habits.

From the guy who sculpts the world’s most famous butts (Hi, Kim and J.Lo) who explains what postworkout snack will make your gym session more effective to Drew Barrymore’s trainer laying down the rules on how often you should be eating to avoid weight gain, these experts might make your next trip to Whole Foods that much healthier.

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Anna Kaiser: Shakira, Sarah Jessica-Parker, Kelly RipaDrew Barrymore—the lineup of women who train with Kaiser reads more like a roll of movie credits than a client list.

What's on her grocery list: Essentia pH balanced water, unsweetened almond milk, coconut water, Runa, Ezekiel bread, Justin's almond butter, bone broth, roast beef, rotisserie chicken, eggs, avocado, coarse sea salt, an entire farm of veggies (burdock root, celery, carrots, cucumber, carrots, kale, spinach , baby mesclun, artichoke, lemon, lime), raw almonds, sprouted pumpkin seeds, goji berries, Mary's Gone Crackers, Irish butter, dog treats, manuka honey, extra-virgin olive oil, chia seeds, flax seeds, primal turkey jerky, green apples, Navitas Naturals hemp protein, green tea, dried jackfruit, wild salmon, Tonnino tuna in spring water, quinoa, sweet potato, millet, Nutiva Naturals power snacks (cacao/goji).

"I love having tons of fresh, healthy options so I can switch up my meals from day to day, and I don't allow myself to get bored, which can cause unnecessary food delivery or snacking! I just got a VitaMix for my birthday, so I am having a lot of fun making fresh tomato sauce, smoothies, soups, and salad dressings from scratch and then using them throughout the week. I also like having food that is easy to pack and bring along during my day, which is why I eat small, healthy meals every two or three hours to maintain my energy and avoid unnecessary hunger. Nothing's worse than not eating all day and coming home famished! I also drink three or four liters of ionized Essentia water every day to keep myself focused, energized, and hydrated—it's changed my life!"

Gunnar Peterson: He's the guy sculpting some of the world's most famous butts—including those belonging to Kim and Khloe Kardashian and J.Lo. Other big names on his client list include Ciara and Dakota Johnson.

What's on his grocery list: Salmon, eggs, spinach, asparagus, berries, Justin's almond butter, Whey protein, almonds, cod, tuna, cottage cheese, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil.

"Postworkout I [drink] a whey protein shake with scoops of powder, fruit, and one tablespoon of Justin’s almond butter with ice and water. This allows me to replenish and rebuild and keeps me going through my morning block of clients. I also often make a dish using four eggs with three additional egg whites and vegetables and a piece of fruit. A fruit snack keeps my energy levels on point, and I avoid the dips and fall-offs, which is where mistakes and injuries are more likely to occur. The salmon and vegetables are to make sure my body doesn’t start breaking down the lean tissue that I work so hard to achieve and maintain! Healthy fats also keep that glow and skin, hair, and nails in check."

Karen Lord: The fact that she trains the celebrity and fashion crowd in her New York studio is basically irrelevant when you see Pilates queen Karen Lord's body. Bow down.

What's on her grocery list: Gerolsteiner mineral water, spirulina powder, chickpeas, avocado, vitamin D3 liquid, spinach, lemons, cucumbers, bananas, real maple syrup, sesame seeds, sesame oil, "the biggest bottle of raw apple cider vinegar I can find," liquid aminos, fresh whole coconuts, raw macadamia nuts, raw almonds, and purple popcorn.

"One of my only food rules is that if I'm craving it, I get it. I trust my body, and there's no guilty food. I'm a vegetarian for life but it's out of love for the nonmeat stuff, so it's pure decadent pleasure as food is meant to be. After I hit the supermarket, I activate the raw almonds by soaking overnight—they're easier to digest and more nourishing that way. It sounds weird, but it's so good—take the skin off and snack on them with berries. I also only buy coconut when there are fresh, whole, organic ones available. I actually share the 'meat' with my dog and cat who go crazy for it—it's how I taught them all their tricks.

The Gerolsteiner mineral water I buy by the case and have for years because I think it has the highest mineral content, it comes in a glass bottle, and it's the most crispy—I crave this with meals and after a sweaty workout. The purple popcorn's on the list because it's a great snack and the only thing I'll use a microwave for. For the absolute best reading/zoning out/working-until-2 a.m. snack, take a brown lunch bag, drop in enough kernels to cover the bottom, add a drop of olive or coconut oil, and pop for three minutes. Then add garlic salt and nutritional yeast for savory flavor, or cinnamon and coconut sugar (the sugar that contains minerals!) for sweet. Oh, and the apple cider vinegar is on the list because I like to do a detox bath in it once a week."

Harley Pasternak: You know all the times you spotted Rihanna or Behati Prinsloo and their seemingly impossible bodies in fashion campaigns and thought, "How is that even possible?" Well, Harley is how that's possible. He sculpts the butts, abs, and legs of some the most famous women to ever have walked a red carpet.

What's on his grocery list: Eggs, salmon, Siggis strained yogurt, apples, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, lemon, dill, almonds, and Vitaminwater Zero.

"Eggs are the gold standard of protein—it's a complete protein that makes for the best breakfast. Salmon is also a great protein source with fantastic essential fats. I like wild salmon poached with lemon and dill. Studies also show that people drink more fluids when drinks are flavored, which is why I get the new Vitaminwater Zero Shine—it's strawberry-lemonade flavored and has tons of flavor, vitamins, and minerals, without any calories."

Jenny Schatzle: In addition to offering an online course to regular, nonfamous people, Schatzle also works with stars like celebrity chef Cat Cora from "Iron Chef" and Kathy Ireland.

What's on her grocery list: Healthy 8 Veggie Mix from Trader Joe's, cauliflower rice from Trader Joe's, kale, organic veggies including peppers, onion, cucumber, zucchini, squash, organic bananas, oranges, strawberries, and lemons, frozen berries for my smoothies, spinach for smoothies and salads, almond butter, almond milk, chia seeds, quinoa, organic eggs, lean bison burgers, almonds. 

"If you want to feel good, then make good food choices. To be honest, when I eat sugar, I get really crabby, irritated, and feel awful afterwards. So instead of thinking about food in the form of 'good' or 'bad' food before I eat something, I stop and think how will this make me feel after, and that usually leads to a good food choice."

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