What All Girls With Fine Hair Need to Know

Emily Rekstis
Fine Hair


Having fine hair can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you have less hair to work with, which can make it easier to style when you’re in a rush on certain mornings. On the other hand though, you feel like your hair always looks flat and boring. It just tends to not provide any volume or style that you want it too. The generally slick texture makes it all the easier for it to slip out of styles. Plus, you often see your girlfriends rocking full thick waves and begin to feel envious.
Instead of being jealous of what you don’t have, embrace what you do. With the help of hairstylist Marilee Albin, your fine hair will look so good that those girls with thick hair will be envious of your gorgeous locks. From keeping it healthy, to cutting and styling tips for the best look, here is what all girls with fine hair need to know.
Best Haircuts
The key to a haircut with fine hair? “Nothing over-layered,” Albin explains. However, if you want some style to your cut, instead of layers, use angles to your advantage. You can angle the hair around your jawline so it gets longer towards the front. Or  you can even have one side fall a little lower then the opposite. We love this bold style and it’s perfect for girls with fine hair.
Albin says the key to keeping hair from getting stringy is more consistent haircuts. “Fine hair is more prone to split ends,” Albin explains. So when you are not taking care of the split ends, they begin to creep up the hair strands.
Washing Tips
Like most types of hair, fine hair should not be washed every single day. Albin suggests shampooing every other day.  However, she says you do not necessarily need to use actual shampoo every time you shower, unless you have really oily hair. “Just wet the hair, scrub a little with your fingers and condition the ends.” Be sure that you do not use conditioner on the roots though. This can weigh the hair down making it appear even flatter.
Blow Drying Technique 
Blow drying is the perfect time to give your hair a little lift. The key is to achieve volume from the roots since fine hair won’t give any lift throughout the ends. Albin suggests turning your head upside down to give it a little lift. After blowing dry, shake your fingers through for a rough dry and to give it a little texture. Smooth with a brush at the last minute to keep hair controlled.
Also, be sure that your hair is completely dry before finishing. Letting some strands air dry will leave them limp and lifeless, which is the exact opposite of what you want when you have fine hair.
“Less is more,” says Albin when it comes to using product in fine hair. Using too much product is one of the biggest mistakes girls with fine hair make.
Albin says that Living Proof PHD Styling cream is a must. “It will give a little volume, help protect those little strands from heat and helps with hold.” Sea salt spray is another great product those with fine hair should take advantage of thanks to its light application. Albin’s favorite is Davines Sea Salt Spray. Albin explains that you should not spray it directly on the hair, but to spray into your hands first and scrunch in little by little
. This will give fine hair a bit of texture and hold.

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