16 Healthy Travel Secrets to Steal From the World’s Most Beautiful Women

16 Healthy Travel Secrets to Steal From the World’s Most Beautiful Women
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Somehow models and celebrities seem immune to the jet-lag, skin problems and general side-effects of long-distance travel that the rest of us mere mortals are afflicted with. And I swear Karlie Kloss could vacation through Europe for a month without gaining a pound. Meanwhile I leave every single long-haul flight with at least a minor breakout (and sometimes not so minor), so have taken to traveling with concealer in my carry-on luggage.

For this reason, when you click through the slideshow above you’ll find 16 health and beauty travel tips from the world’s most beautiful women. There’s the shameless skin care routine Chrissy Teigen follows in-flight, a medicinal herb Kate Hudson always packs, and a fitness app Karlie Kloss uses to work out from her hotel room. Don’t head on your summer vacation without reading this.

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We already know that Chrissy Teigen gives zero fucks about what anyone thinks of her, so it should come as no surprise that she's the kind of woman who wears sheet masks on planes so that her skin's glowing upon arrival.

So, it might not appear as though Jourdan Dunn's never experienced a dry skin day in her life, but the supermodel told Into the Gloss that she has, and it's usually when she's on an airplane. She's well-versed in plane travel though, so naturally Dunn also has an arsenal of products to solve that problem. "When I'm traveling on planes a lot, my skin can look really tired and dull, so I like to add vitamin C in to fix that. After that, I use Good Genes by Sunday Riley as a second serum," she said. "My moisturizer to top it all off is Zelens' [Hydro-Shiso] Balancing Moisturizer. It’s light and gives a nice finish."

If you want to avoid falling sick while traveling, Kate Hudson told us the key is water and medicinal herbs: "Tons of water, water, water—and bring echinacea."

In a recent interview Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson told us that she drinks water spiked with her Super Elixir Alkalizing Greens: "My biggest health tip for travelers is to stay hydrated. Water is a great way to remove all unwanted retention (especially after flying) and feel lean for summer. I take two teaspoons of The Super Elixir Alkalizing Greens in 500 ml of water just before I get on plane and when I arrive to help combat jet lag, and I drink three liters of water a day," she said.

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Worried that you won't be able to find a spot to workout while on vacation without your regular gym membership? Stop stressing, Madonna has a quick fix—just take a portable gym and personal trainer where ever you go! It's what she does, and it seems to be working for her.

This probably won't be a healthy travel trip you try at home, unless you are also a millionaire pop star, but Lady Gaga is rumored to have two customized SoulCycle bikes for her tour bus. That's commitment.

Photo: @ladygaga

BYO protein, Victoria's Secret Jasmine Tookes told us: "I like to always have protein bars with me in case I need something to snack on. I don’t like the airport food so I always have those with me to get my protein."

In a 2014 interview, Rihanna said that when her skin is basically dead from traveling and jet-lag, she will "cut all the alcohol completely and overdo the water." To hydrate her skin after travel, she has another quick fix: "Mix moisturizer and a drop of foundation."

Gwyneth Paltrow sprays colloidal silver on her airplane seat (and her children’s) to kill germs when she's flying. Apparently, this stuff has anti-bacterial and anti-viral powers which the Goop founder says is “worth the few odd looks."

When we asked, Victoria's Secret model Elsa Hosk said her big travel tip is to "Drink a lot of water." The rest is just genetics, we assume.

Julianne Hough cleanses her face halfway through a flight, and then uses a toning pad. She's a fan of sealed wipes, because they're easy to travel with.

We asked Ciara for the healthy travel tip she swears by, and she told us, "Pack your healthy snacks so that you don’t resort to eating something bad." Sound advice.

Olivia Culpo told us that her travel tips are pretty easy to follow: "Sleep as much as you can and drink tons of water."

Karlie Kloss follows workouts on her smartphone when she's traveling so that she doesn't miss a session. Supermodels don't skip workouts, guys. "I’m a big fan of Nike Training Club," she said. "It’s convenient and easy to use, a great substitute for a personal trainer. I use the app mostly when I travel and can’t make it to a gym for a workout."

Sports Illustrated model Nina Agdal says that simply being strict with yourself is the best way to stay fit and healthy when you're on vacation: "Don’t consider it a vacation from the gym; you should always get your sweat in for an hour," she told us.

Sophia Bush think you should always pack your own meals when flying or traveling: "Pack your own food for the days you are flying. It’s tough to get good food in airports, and travelers are always in a rush. If you pack a meal and snacks, you’ll stay on track for your health goals, and you’ll also save some coin."

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