Wellness 2.0


Somewhere between the all-nighter I pulled before my 8:30 am flight home, and the insomniac state I found myself in the night after, I read an article in San Francisco magazine entitled “So Open it Hurts.” The article spoke about Web 2.0 visionaries, and once couple, Tara Hunt and Chris Messina. They believe in total open-source communication, and have launched social networks and propelled blogging into the phenomenon that it is today. Dubbed the online equivalent of Brangelina, they blogged  ardently about their relationship and the work that they were doing together. Like true Web 2.0 children, when the couple recently broke up, they still continued to blog. Hunt said that while difficult, blogging about her feelings for all the world to see, was helpful in healing her heartbreak. In the article, one of Hunt’s post-breakup blog posts entitled “The Future is Feminine” was referenced. In the blog she spoke about the importance–in business and in life–of devaluing “the aggressive, competitive sides,” giving greater weight to feminine qualities such as openness, cooperation, and collaboration (which just so happen to have a striking resemblance to open-source qualities).

The night that I arrived home I found myself surrounded by my aunts, best girlfriends, and younger sister. As we talked so openly about our recent quests, feats, failures, and triumphs, my mind went to Hunt’s article. The similarities between how women communicate and the direction that web communication is going in, is truly uncanny. Just as I was thinking about the truth to Hunt’s words, my best friend Lindsey asked “Laney, would you like some Wellness?” At first I thought that this was some new Northern Californian way of offering a hug, but when she pulled out a bottle of Source Natural’s Wellness formula, I realized she had noticed my stuffy nose (probably due to lack of sleep). Without hesitation, I said “I would love some.” And the next morning, I have to say, I felt a lot better.