Wella Trend Vision: Hairstylists Predict Pastel Hair Will Stick Around, Ombre Too

Rachel Adler
Wella Trend Vision

These feathered mohawks and tight ponies were some of our favorites from the show – but it was hard to choose!

We recently had the chance to travel to Las Vegas to witness Wella Professionals’ 2013 North America Trend Vision Awards. For those that don’t know, hairstylists from all over Canada and the US compete each year to showcase their talent, competing for the prize of the best young talent, student and color categories by reinterpreting trends based on the latest Trend Vision collection. This collection was created by Wella Professionals Global Creative Directors Josh Wood and Eugene Souleiman and presented in Madrid last year. Gold, silver and bronze prizes were awarded for each category, and two winners will be chosen to move on and represent North America at the International Trend Vision Awards in Frankfurt, Germany next May.

While we were blown away by the innovative hairstyles and color choices that were created by the competitors, we also couldn’t wait to speak to the esteemed judges that were there to judge the competition. Celebrity stylists Andy LeCompte (who is known for styling stars such as Nicole Richie and Madonna) as well as colorist Jennifer J. (who works with Kristen Stewart, Cate Blanchett, January Jones and many more) were part of the panel of pros. We caught up with them after the show to talk about the competition, upcoming hair trends, and what is really going on with rainbow hair colors.

Beauty High: You just finished judging the NATVA for Wella – what’s it like to see all of the new, young talent? Does the competition inspire you and your work? How hard is it to take a trend and make it your own, like the contestants did?

Jennifer J: It is really fun to see all of the contestants at work.  It is definitely inspiring because you can see all of the love for what they do coming out in their work and their ability to express their version of the trend.  Everyone has a different style so making the trend your own is easy, most artists instantly have a vision of how they would make it their own as well as how they would make it a more wearable everyday look as well.

BH: We’ve heard a lot of talk about ombre over the last few seasons – what’s the deal with it? Is it sticking around? Do you think it can no longer be considered a “trend” at this point?

JJ: As much as it is tiring talking about the ombre trend, it doesn’t seem like it is going anywhere and it has become a part of peoples color vocabulary now.  It started off as an extreme light to dark, but now it can be used to give the hair so many different feelings, depending on the colors used and how vibrant or natural it can be.

BH: Pastel hair and brightly colored rainbow hair has also stuck around longer than anyone expected. Will we continue to see these bright color trends? How do you think color will change this season?

JJ: I think that pastel hair and bright tones are here to stay for a while.  Now that people have embraced it and it is more mainstream now, designers as well as consumers have a totally different color palette to play with now.  Color trends will always shift in and out of season and depending on the fabrics used as well as the look and feel of the brand, the hair color will follow suit.  I think some of the more matte trends are moving out and shine and luxury is back in.

BH: Are there some easy hair color tricks to change up your look going from summer to fall, without doing anything too drastic?

JJ: I think it’s a fun thing for my clients to talk about and do as the season changes.  Without changing your look too drastically from summer to fall, you can get a color gloss to change the tone slightly, usually to warmer tones and give it some more depth without make a radical change.

Andy LeCompte – Wella Professionals Celebrity Stylist:

BHYou also just finished judging the NATVA for Wella – what’s it like to see all of the new, young talent?  Does the competition inspire you and your work? 

Andy LeCompte: Seeing all the young talent is so inspiring. It is so exciting to see the young artists exercising their creativity. The work at these competitions is a bit avant-garde to see on the red carpet, but it’s very inspiring all around.

BH: What are some of the biggest trends in terms of cuts and styles that you think we’ll see carry over from spring/summer into fall?

AL: You will see lots of texture and braids in a very decadent way. I also see lots of polished waves and blunt lines.

BH: When interpreting a trend and making it work for real life, or even a celebrity event, what types of things do you take into consideration?

AL: I always take into account the clients face, frame and personal style to create a look that flatters.

BH: If someone is looking to make a big change before the season starts, or a “back to school change” what do you suggest to make a statement?

AL: Bangs or a blunt cut.

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