Welcome to Fashion Week Fall 2009!

Hans Gutknecht

This is Daily Makeover’s inaugural coverage of Fashion Week beauty trends, and we have a big agenda! Megan, our Associate editor, and I will be going backstage to over 20 shows to get the beauty scoop straight from the makeup artists and hairstylists. We also have a few guest beauty experts who’ll be blogging, so keep an eye out for them!

tents final Welcome to Fashion Week Fall 2009!

One of our most exciting and unique features of our Fashion Week coverage is that we’ll have runway hairstyles and makeup looks that you can virtually try on. We’ll be scouting out the prettiest trends and loading them up into the Makeover Studio so you can see yourself wearing the latest looks without ever having to leave your living room or spend a penny on a new product. This feature will be available on Tuesday, February 17th–mark it on your calendar☺.

We’ll also have great video of hairstylists and makeup artists hard at work setting the trends and tone for Fall 2009. Editors, stylists, and fellow bloggers will also be featured in some trend recap footage.

We hope you enjoy this exclusive coverage and find your favorite Fall ’09 beauty looks at Daily Makeover!

Let me know what you think.

Rachel Hayes, Editorial Director

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