Ordinary Objects With Awesome Beauty Uses

Aly Walansky
bathroom cabinet

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Running low on moisturizer? Need a quick spray of dry shampoo? As it turns out, a bunch of our favorite non-beauty staples can have fabulous beauty uses, too (well, in a pinch!). Read on below for some of the best unconventional ways to use things you already have for beauty purposes!
Sugar in the Raw
Celeb makeup artist and co-owner of makeup salon Rouge New York, Rebecca Perkins, swears the best way to exfoliate your lips is with a toothbrush, some Sugar in the Raw, and olive oil. Apply a mixture of the sugar and olive oil to lips, then use a toothbrush on top of the mixture to help slough off the dead skin!
Isopropyl alcohol
Save a broken eyeshadow by mixing the fragments with a few drops of Isopropyl alcohol and press the mixture back into the pan, says Perkins.
Baby shampoo
Need a makeup brush cleaner? Mix baby shampoo with warm water in a cup and swirl your brushes around to clean off any old product and bacteria.
Baby powder
Baby powder is frequently used as a dry shampoo alternative. The powder absorbs wetness and excess oils, leaving hair looking clean and smelling fresh! Baby powder also helps to dry off sweaty feet and minimize the odors associated with them. Try sprinkling the powder in your shoes to prevent sweat and keep your feet dry.
Dermatologist Fayne L Frey, MD, founder of FryFace, LLC, says it also helps you stay chafe-free if you apply to inner thighs to avoid chaffing while exercising. Plus, you can carefully dust onto eyelashes and us mascara over to give lashes a fuller look. One last thing: use it as deodorant as it absorbs sweat.
Baby oil
Baby oil is a very well-known eye makeup remover, but it is also a great addition to at-home manicures and pedicures. Add the silky, non-greasy wash to the water to help lock in moisture, leaving skin soft and supple.
Scotch tape
Remove stray glitter while doing a fun, sparkly evening look by using scotch tape! To keep it from snagging at your skin, stick it to your shirt and pull off a few times to remove most of the glue before putting it on your skin. Tape is also a fabulous way to “test” nail polish shades without commitment.
Lip balm
We know the obvious use for lip balm, but you can also use on dry elbows, knuckles, cuticles, or on out-of -control eyebrows. Apply on your cheeks to prevent chaffing from the cold or wind. Dr. Frey also suggests to apply to irritated nostrils from over blowing your nose.
Toilet paper
Sometimes, we really have to be creative. Out on a date and notice your shine taking over? Excuse yourself to the ladies room and tear off some toilet paper – it can absolutely double as a blotting sheet for your T-zone!
While the main use obviously has beauty implications, teeth are not our only part toothpaste can freshen up. You can also brush it on your nails to diminish those yellowish stains and add shine.
Petroleum jelly
There are countless uses for this wonder staple. Use it to moisturize rough problem areas such as elbows, knees, or cracked heels, splitting nails, dry cuticles, or
chapped lips. You can also apply to earring posts for easy earring insertion! Celebrity makeup artist Karen Dupiche  says it’s also great for a dewy glow look when you used above the cheekbones.
When your eyeliner becomes hard and dry, strike a match to the pencil and it will immediately become revived, giving you an easy application, says Dupiche.
Dryer sheets
Rubbing a dryer sheet on your skin can help repel bug bites, but if you do the same to your hair, it can also tame flyaways and freshen up that “need to wash” smell!
Honey is an anti-bacterial agent, so if you dab some as a spot-treatment, it can help diminish a pimple — fast.
Mix eggs with olive oil to make an incredible hair masque, reviving your dry, tired strands.