10 Things No One Ever Tells You About: Nail Polish

Ashley Okwuosa

nail polish

Nail polish is a mainstay in every beauty girl’s stash, but what do we really know when it comes to the polish? Turns out there’s much more to lacquer than we think! Discover how to maximize your nail polish and get the most out of every use with the surprising tidbits below.

1. It’s not just for your nails: Surprise! Nail polish is far from a one trick pony. You can use clear polish for everything from fixing running tights to coating inexpensive jewelry to prevent rusting.

2. You can be allergic to nail polish: We definitely knew it was possible to be obsessed with nail polish, but allergic? One of the main ingredients  is formaldehyde, which happens to be an irritant. But don’t worry, because some brands, like Clinique, have created polish for nail junkies with sensitive skin.

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3. Your nail polish color isn’t a “random” choice:  Color and human emotions are absolutely linked, whether you realize it or not. Even though we think we choose our nail polish colors at random, that’s hardly ever the case. Studies show that color preferences are usually a result of the relationship between unrelated items that are subconsciously stored in our memories. So, the next time you pick a shade for your manicure, chances are it means a lot more than you think.

4. It’s not just about color, though: Have you ever considered that maybe your polish could be doing more than just making your fingers look pretty? Brands like Dermelect make polishes that contain protein peptides and vitamins which not only moisturize your nails, but also protect them from aging.

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5. You can DIY polish: Have you ever wanted to make your own nail polish? It’s pretty easy and inexpensive, and we love the option of not having to wait forever at the nail salon. Watch this fun tutorial for tips.

6. You should store your polish in the fridge: You might want to make some room in between your eggs and milk for your polish. Storing it in the fridge increases the shelf life of polish, but make sure you store it upright to avoid spilling.

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7. A smudge free manicure is possible: There’s nothing more frustrating than smudging your newly manicured nails. While there are many products that claim they can help speed up the excruciating wait between painting and drying, the most effective product may be right in your kitchen. Cooking spray contains a propellant, which evaporates quickly and helps dry nails faster.

8. You always need a base and a top coat: Sometimes we get lazy and decide to skip a top or base coat and go straight to polish, but if you’re guilty of doing this, we’re telling you to stop immediately. A top and base coat are each essential to your manicure, and can make or break whether your nails get stained or your polish chips.

9. Darker nail polish peels faster: We’re suckers for dark polish, but due to higher pigmentation, darker polishes chip faster. For a long lasting look, try lighter strokes when applying your darker colors.

10. You need to take a breather: Even though you may feel naked without your nails polished (we’re guilty of this), take a three day break every three weeks to keep your nails healthy.

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