Weird Cannes Beauty Look Of The Day

Rachel Adler

We’ve all been fawning over the gorgeous lips, bronzed eyes and flawless updos that have been spotted on the red carpets at Cannes over the past few weeks, but there haven’t been many mentions of the beauty missteps that have taken place abroad. Although many of the celebs have been right on target with their beauty looks lately, one French actress caught our eye with her daring hairstyle that we just couldn’t let slide.

Delphine Chaneac, best known for her role in Slice, a Sci-Fi flick, chose to decorate her hair with white feathers to match her white outfit. Now, we’ve all seen the feather hair extension trend come and go, but this look is just a bit more extravagant. Instead of adding just a simple, small strand of feathers into her hair, she chose to decorate her braided updo by haphazardly sticking small white feathers throughout. And by sticking, I mean literally stabbing the braid with feathers and hoping that they stay.

What do you think of the style? Was it a hit or a miss?

[Images: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images]