5 Weird At-Home Plastic Surgery Products

Natasha Burton

DIY and beauty often go hand-in-hand. With the rise of Pinterest and the popularity of YouTube vloggers, at-home versions for all kinds of beauty treatments — masks! scrubs! body wraps! — are now just a click away.

However, there are certain things you should never, ever, ever DIY. Like, for instance, plastic surgery. But that nugget of common sense hasn’t stopped companies from making products that encourage us to take our body hang-ups into our own hands.

According to Long Island-based plastic surgeon Dr. James Marotta M.D., you should always steer clear of devices that claim to do the kind of drastic revisions that he performs as a trained professional. “These kinds of devices usually make claims that have no basis in studies or scientific fact,” he says.  “At the very best, you end up completely wasting your money. At the very worst, you can injure yourself resulting in infections, permanent scars, or other irreversible facial deformities.” Um, no thanks.

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Just to give you a sense of some of the beyond wacky DIY plastic surgery products out there, here are five we’ll be sure to stay far, far away from.

1. OMNI Beauty Lift High NoseThis DIY nose job contraption claims to lift your nose, encourage cartilage growth, and, presumably, make your nose generally cuter in just three minutes a day. To us, it simply looks like something Hannibal Lector would be forced to wear.

at home nose job

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2. Eyelid TrainerPlaying into the (lame) beauty standard that Asian women should have “western” eyelids, this contraption claims it will create a “beautiful double eyelid” in five minutes a day after just one month of wear. You know what’s beautiful, to us, though? Your eyelids, just as they are.

eyelid trainer

3. Oyasumi Goodnight Brow StretcherArguably less scary than the previous two, this device is a band worn on the forehead overnight to prevent winkles from forming between your brows.

brow strecher

4. Age-ru Face MakerTaken from the word “ageru” which mean “lift,” this pink mask pulls on your skin and muscles to tighten up your face when you wear it habitually for just 10 minutes a day. Looking at this device, however, all we can think of is how much facial sweating it’s going to create.

face maker

5. Face Slimmer Exercise MouthpieceApparently, this mouthpiece tightens your facial skin and tones your muscles when you put it in your mouth and repeat vowel sounds over and over. Sure, you only have to do it for three minutes a day, but that’s three minutes you could be eating a cookie instead. Priorities.

face slimmer

Image via Japan Trend Shop

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