Just in Time for the Holidays: Here’s One Easy Trick to Slash Calories

diet tricks Just in Time for the Holidays: Heres One Easy Trick to Slash Calories

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The diet gods seem to be smiling down on us these days—there’s been tons of new research lately about simple ways to eat less. There was the study that found that picking candy that’s individually wrapped can help you eat fewer pieces, and then the one about how eating more protein at breakfast helps you take in fewer calories throughout the day, too. Well, here’s one more secret to add to your repertoire: Chewing more may help you cut your calorie intake. Talk about an effortless diet trick, right?!

Researchers at Iowa State University asked 48 participants to come into a lab a few times and eat pizza until they were comfortably full. Every time, they had to increase the number of times they chewed each bite. Turns out, the participants ate about 90 fewer calories overall when they chewed their food for twice as long as they normally did.

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Not surprisingly, the participants also ate slower in general and the meal took longer when they chewed more—which may be precisely why they ate less overall. After all, when you slow down, you give your body more time to pick up on the fact that you’re full (it usually take a little while for satiety signals to reach your brain).

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Something to keep in mind when you’re surrounded by food this holiday season!

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cleardot Just in Time for the Holidays: Heres One Easy Trick to Slash Calories