4 Light Weekend Breakfast Recipes You’ll Love

Rachel Krause

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We’re all for late, luxurious brunches out on the weekends, but sometimes there’s just nothing better than staying in and whipping up something delicious ourselves. Better still, we’ve got total control over what goes into our food—so if we want to recreate our favorite breakfast foods in lighter, healthier ways, then by all means, we’ll go right ahead. These 4 breakfast recipes are perfect for a relaxing Saturday or Sunday morning (or afternoon), but they won’t leave you feeling like you’re ready for a nap.

Breakfast-Crustless QuicheQuiche is one of our favorite breakfast foods—and lunch and dinner, for that matter—but the flaky, buttery crust can leave us feeling a bit overindulged. This crustless version contains all the delicious ingredients we seek, like turkey bacon and gooey cheese, but skips the flour, thereby answering all of our low-carb prayers.

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Breakfast-Spaghetti Squash Hash BrownsSpaghetti squash has so many culinary uses, and this hash brown iteration is our latest favorite. The crisp, satisfying texture spares no flavor, and when paired with a fried egg and a touch of cheddar cheese, it’s absolutely irresistible.

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Breakfast-Coconut Flour PancakesPancakes are just one thing we can’t possibly convince ourselves to stop lusting after, which is why this version, which uses coconut “flour,” is right in our wheelhouse. They’re dense and filling, largely because they’re packed with fiber, but won’t leave you feeling weighed down like the traditional diner stack will.

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Breakfast-Onion and Rosemary FrittataWe’ll come right out and say it: This simple dish is to die for, thanks to the slightly sweet caramelized onions and totally savory rosemary leaves, and the entire prep and cooking process clocks in at just under 28 minutes. Needless to say, it’s become our new Saturday morning standby.

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