It’s Wedding Season and These Nail Art Designs Deserve a Walk Down the Aisle

It’s Wedding Season and These Nail Art Designs Deserve a Walk Down the Aisle
Photo: ImaxTree.

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I’ve been a bridesmaid enough times to know how important wedding nail ideas are to the planning process. For anyone walking down the aisle–especially the bride–it’s the teeniest detail that could have a huge impact on your head-to-toe final look. And I’m not even talking chipped polish or naked nail beds. Few things are more distracting than a polish color that completely clashes with the overall aesthetic and ruins those up-close shots of a bouquet or ring. One word: awkward.

More often than not, the most popular bridal nail colors are neutral and delicate so they don’t take attention away from the wedding band or an intricately-arranged floral bouquet. To be honest, it’s one trend I’m always on board with. Manicures should never be the focal point of a wedding beauty look, however, that doesn’t mean they need to be completely basic.

Nail art is a step up from simple solid color and there are plenty of designs that manage to be subtle and creative simultaneously. For instance, an all-over glitter manicure screams “look at me,” but an iridescent, barely-there sparkle on the tips can be just as beautiful. And instead of a bold decal on every single nail, keeping it on just one nail may look more elegant. So whether you’re a bride, bridesmaid, or simply attending, here are a handful of wedding nail art ideas that are far from boring.

Simple, yet elegant.

Sparkly fresh.

I l-o-v-e this.

Decorated with daisies.

Wedding tips.

For star-crossed lovers.

Bling to match the ring.

A dotted half-moon.

A pop of red.

For your tropical destination nuptials.

Here comes the bride.

An unconventional take.

A bouquet for your nail beds.

Golden bands.

Delicate and fun.

Golden chrome.

Something blue.

Floral vine.

Iridescent tips.

The smallest detail.

Dot it out.

Transparent tips.

Periwinkle claws.

Under the sea.

A technicolor maze.