The 5 Ultimate Wedding Makeup Tips

Alle Connell
wedding makeup tips

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When it comes to wedding makeup, tips are as free-flowing as water. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of advice out there: Fake tan! Don’t fake tan! Keep it natural! Go big or go home! Honestly, it’s enough to make your head spin, whether you’re the bride, bridesmaid or a guest looking for ceremony-appropriate cosmetic advice.

If you’ve been looking for guidance, consider this your guiding light. We reached out to genius makeup artist, Lorelei Vivienne Gagnon, for her very best wedding makeup tips—and she was happy to share them with us. Here are her five expert tips to ensure that you love your wedding day beauty look.

1. The magic words = “Longwear” and “Waterproof.”

We all know it: summer has a way of seriously messing with our beauty game, and if you’re going to be around as many cameras as there are at the average wedding, sweating your makeup off is not an option.

“I don’t like to have to sacrifice a look because of the weather,” Lorelei says. “So making sure that as many products used are long lasting, water resistant or waterproof is key—crying, hugging and kissing are all going to put your makeup through the ringer.”

Lorelei also shares an amazing tip for turning any lipstick into a longwear formula. “This is something I do for brides all the time,” she says. “Put the lipstick on and blot, then take a tissue and separate the two sheets out. Taking just one of these extra-thin sheets, place it over your mouth and apply a translucent powder. This makes any lipstick last for hours, and totally gives staying power without it getting all over your intended!”

2. Be prepared!

Lorelei is quick to remind us that wether you have your makeup professionally applied or do it yourself, all looks require maintenance. “Keeping a touch-up bag at hand is essential!” she tells us. If you’re the bride and a handbag doesn’t really go with your gown, pass this responsibility on to one of your bridesmaids or a good friend.

So what should you carry in your touch-up bag? Although the exact products will vary depending on your style and role in the wedding, Lorelei says there are a few beauty essentials that everyone should have to stave off disasters.

“You must have a baby can of hair spray!” she says, adding that her favorite is Sebastian Shaper Zero Gravity ($9.99) because it takes care of flyaways without weighing hair down. “You should also have bobby pins, lipstick and liner, if you use it, and a sheer pressed powder that matches your skin tone. A lot of make up artists love translucent blotting powder—I prefer the sheer because it gives skin a little coverage if the crying gets out of control.”

3. Listen to the professionals.

Working with a makeup artist is one of the best ways to ensure that you get a flawless wedding day look, and browsing Pinterest for inspiration is one of the great joys in life. But as Lorelei explains to us, you have to work WITH your artist—not just over-rely on the internet. “Pinterest is an amazing thing, but my suggestion is to decide on a certain look or theme before searching. They can be broad categories—smokey eye, classic, vintage—but you should narrow it down as best you can,” she says. “There have been so many times during a trial that I’ll be shown a fluorescent green eye with a pink lip, then a smokey eye with a nude lip, and the bride insists that she wants both incorporated into a single look.” Try to incorporate too many moving parts into one look, Lorelei says, and the end result likely won’t be one you’re happy with.

The good news is that makeup artists are pros for a reason, and can totally help you figure out your vision. Ideally, your wedding day makeup look should be a collaboration between the two of you—you deciding on the direction and the artist executing it in a way that works best for you.

4. Put your makeup on trial.

Yes, the old advice is true: a makeup trial is totally essential for your wedding day beauty. You don’t want to discover the day you’re getting married that your dream smokey eye makes you look like you’ve been punched in the face! Aside from that, Lorelei has some added advice for brides-to-be at their makeup trials: take selfies.

“Seriously! Take many pics at your trial!” she says. “A lot of the time, brides who don’t normally wear a lot of makeup can be overwhelmed at a trial because they aren’t used to seeing themselves in full makeup. Taking pics and seeing how the makeup will read on camera is the best way to both see your look from all angles, and get comfortable with it.”

Bonus points for using different cameras: makeup can look really different in HD photos with flash, so be sure you test it out with at least a couple of cameras (regular and phone) and light sources (artificial and natural) before the big day.

5. Test it well!

Lorelei has gotten countless brides and bridesmaid gorgeous before they walk down the aisle, so what’s her ultimate secret when it comes to wedding makeup tips? It turns out that it’s testing your beauty look to the limit well before the ceremony—and having fun doing it.

“Make plans with a girlfriend to go out dancing after your hair and makeup trial—go dance and sweat, and even try to cry,” she tells us. “When you get home, inspect your look carefully and make notes on what held up and what didn’t. That way you can tell your makeup artist exactly what needs to be tweaked before the wedding day!”

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