Amazing Wedding Hairstyles for Medium-Length Hair

Kelly Dougher
Amazing Wedding Hairstyles for Medium-Length Hair
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If you think you need mermaid-length locks to complete your amazing bridal style, think again: wedding hairstyles for medium-length hair are incredibly romantic and ethereal. All you need to rock your lob all the way down the aisle is a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of know-how. We gathered five of our favourite wedding hairstyles for the creativity part—and for the know-how, we talked to Steph Caldwell, genius hair stylist at Pembley Salon in NYC. Here are the very best ways to style your medium-length hair for your wedding day.

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You don't need ultra-long hair to get a perfectly romantic bridal style. Here are the very best ways to style your medium-length hair for your wedding day.

We love this braided style because almost any hair length can pull it off. It's perfect for weddings in the summer or in tropical climates (no sweaty hair lying on your neck!). For this braided style, Caldwell recommends gathering clear elastics and French hair pins that blend well with your hair color. All you have to do with this style is create two simple braids from the base of the neck and then pin them up on the sides. Caldwell says that this style "could also be done with braids on top, but it's tougher to get hair smooth in the opposite direction." She also advises that "Some sort of pin or flower will easily hide where the braids come together." This is also a good trick if your hair is on the shorter side of medium length, because flowers can hide any bits of hair poking out from the braids. (Image via Ruffled)

Photo: Ruffled

This style is the perfect mix of modern and vintage. For this voluminous style, Caldwell says you'll need 1" rollers or a 1"+ curling iron along with some long curved bobby pins and French pins that match your hair color. She instructs that you roll your hair at a 90° angle, with sections no wider than the roller to help achieve volume and smooth hair. "Hairspray is a MUST with this style," Caldwell says. (Image via Elstile)

Photo: Elstile

This hair style might take some practice but it's worth it if you want an adorable 1950s look on your wedding day. To achieve this retro look, Caldwell says that "again rollers will be the easiest heat tool to achieve this style." She recommends separating the lower part of your hair, and then make a simple French twist and pin it. Then the top section gets wound into what she refers to as large horizontal pin curls. "Using a hairspray while styling will help keep flyaways at bay [and] large curved bobby pins help style hair close to the head," Caldwell advises. And don't forget to add red lipstick and winged eye liner! (Image via StyleMePretty)

This hair style is perfect for the low-key bride. According to Caldwell, "A messy pony is the basis of this soft up do." First, she says, separate some pieces on top of the head and pin aside; then create a small ponytail (or a bun for more volume if you have fine hair) and twist and pin hair around it. For styling products, Caldwell says that "Sea salt spray and a soft styling cream helps create texture." She also recommends using a clear elastic or one that matches your hair color to hold the ponytail. Leave a few wavy strands of hair out near the front to frame your face and add a sparkly pin in the back to make an eye-catching statement. (Image via Modwedding)

This is a great option for those with a longer bob that they want to put partway up, or those with medium-long hair who want to make it look like they have a bob. Caldwell instructs you create three partings, one on each side and one in the back. Then brush out curls (either natural curls or previously curled hair) and roll under, pinning close to the head. Caldwell says you can use a chop stick to loosen curls to create even more body and a slightly messy/tousled look. Don't worry about making it look perfect; the imperfection and softness is what makes it so romantic. (Photo via WeddingChicks)

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