9 Amazing Nail Colors for Wedding Day Manicures

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9 Amazing Nail Colors for Wedding Day Manicures
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Picking the color of your dress and veil is easy. Picking the color of your shoes, makeup and nails becomes infinitely tougher once you factor in your theme, wedding colors and the time of day you’re planning on tying the knot. These logistics may seem silly in the grand scheme of things, but knowing how much time and energy brides put into their special day, it only makes sense to factor in all the possible variables.

To help you nail down (ahem) at least part of your beauty arsenal, we decided to join forces with Sally Hansen® to highlight some of our favorite bridal nail trends of the season.  Figuring in the time of day and the formality of the big event (or lack thereof), we came up with six color options for morning, noon and night.

Whether you’re a traditional girl who has her heart set on a pastel mani or a wild one who’s ready to add a touch of neon into the mix, these options are a must-have — especially when you opt for the Sally Hansen® Diamond Strength™ No Chip Nail Color version (can you say 10 days with no chips or cracks?).

For more information about our relationship with Sally Hansen® Diamond Strength™ click here cmp.ly/3.

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Which wedding hue is right for your marriage mani?

Morning Wedding/Formal: While morning weddings tend to be a bit less dressy than an evening event, it's still important to show your feminine side. That's why pastels are ideal. Amp it up a notch with a pretty pink and then create a statement nail to show off your style.

Morning Weddings/Informal: Feel free to play with other pastel colors if you're looking to add a modern edge.

Our Pick: Sally Hansen® Diamond Strength™ Nail Enamel in Pink Proposal. A pretty base pastel that you can build off of with glitter or nail art if you so choose.

Afternoon Wedding/Formal: Now's the time to bust out that neon nail polish and use it to accentuate your funky side. Afraid of bright green, orange or yellow? You can always opt for a ferocious pink or purple that's still fun but not too out there.

Afternoon Wedding/Informal: Or you can take a "less is more" approach and go with a neon french manicure that's subtle, but still eye-catching.

Our Pick: Sally Hansen® Diamond Strength™ Nail Enamel in Fuchsia Bling Bling. The perfect pop of color for your fingers and your toes.

Wedding/Evening Formal: When it comes to a black-tie affair, bold metallics and dark hues with a serious shimmer are a must.

Wedding/Evening Informal: Have fun with metallic like gold and silver, and don't be afraid to take it up a notch and integrate other bold colors into the mix.

Our Pick: Sally Hansen® Diamond Strength™ Nail Enamel in Save the Date. This dark purple offers up a sexy shimmer and it won't chip, break or crack for up to 10 days. (Bonus!)

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