Quick Fixes for Wedding Day Beauty Emergencies

Rachel Krause

Photo: ImaxTree

We have a tough time dealing with beauty emergencies on a day-to-day basis, but right before a wedding? Forget about it. Nobody—nobody—has time for a stray zit or a chipped nail on their big day, which is why we’ve gathered these quick, easy solutions for your wedding day beauty problems. We’ve worried about it so that you won’t have to.

Problem: Frizzy Hair
Solution: Even if you start out the day with a perfectly coiffed wedding hairstyle, there’s a good chance that your sleek blowout or artful updo won’t stand a chance against styled hair’s enemy number one: humidity. Kattia Solano, the owner of Butterfly Studio Salon, which specializes in bridal hair, recommends that you just roll with it. “The best solution,” she says, “is not to fight it and pull your hair up instead.” To create a polished knot without pins, start with a ponytail, then wrap the lengths and ends around the base and secure them beneath the hair tie.

Problem: Rogue Zit
Solution: There are a number of ways to address a formidable pimple fast, but believe us when we say that none of them involve popping or picking. The quickest, most effective way to eradicate an under-the-skin cyst is with a cortisone shot from your dermatologist. If an office visit is a bit of a stretch, start by reducing inflammation and redness by pressing an ice cube on the blemish. For the most part, worry about getting rid of the zit tomorrow—today, it’s all about hiding. Dab on a concealer with salicylic acid, like Almay Clear Complexion Concealer ($7.99, ulta.com), and set with translucent powder.

Problem: Chipped Nails
Solution: If the situation requires that you re-polish your nails in a pinch and you don’t have the luxury of waiting hours for them to dry completely, this easy solution from Skyy Hadley, celebrity manicurist and owner of As U Wish Nail Spa, will get you wedding-ready in a hurry. After polishing nails and applying a top coat, wait a minute, then apply cuticle oil over the entire nail plate. This trick will smooth out the polish and lock in the top coat, cutting drying time in half without the need for a physical dryer.

Problem: Faded Tan
Solution: There’s a good chance that you’ve hit the spray tan booth before your wedding day to get a bronze glow going, but life happens, and tans fade. If your tan is starting to look dull or lackluster, or if you just need a little something to brighten you up, celebrity makeup artist Pati Dubroff recommends Jergens BB Body Skin Perfecting Cream ($11.99, drugstore.com) for even, luminous skin immediately upon application. It hydrates, smoothes and brightens, and it has a cumulative effect, meaning that it evens skin tone and visibly firms skin over time. Most importantly, it absorbs rapidly, so you don’t have to worry about staining or stickiness.

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