How Do I Wear Color On My Wedding Day?

Megan McIntyre

If the thought of wearing the ‘been there, done that’ nude and pink color palette on your wedding day makes you want to yawn, try adding a little pop of color to your bridal makeup. We asked celebrity makeup artist and La Prairie Colour Ambassador Raychel Wade how you can freshen up your wedding day makeup with a subtle, yet unique splash of color. Raychel says:


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“Most brides aim for a ‘timeless’ look so that when they revisit their wedding album in the years to come, there is not the same “what was I thinking?” reaction reserved for the album holding your senior proms pics. While a ‘timeless’ look is certainly safe and beautiful, it tends to keep women sticking to the same warm, neutral color palette (think brown, bronze, peach, pale pink). When I look back on the hundreds of brides I’ve made up, however, the ones that subtly impart their personal style stick out the most in my memory (and no doubt in their album as well).

Incorporating your own personal style and a touch of color can be done in an easy way on your eyes or lips. The easiest way to bring color to your eyes is by opting for a brighter eyeliner. Sue Devitt Intensifier Eye Pencil in Black Widow is a gorgeous shimmery violet with a hint of black. Smudge that into upper and lower lash line, and you will give your eyes a pop of real color without changing your entire look. If shimmer isn’t your thing, try La Prairie’s Luxe Eye Liner Automatique in Bleu Velour, which is a deep navy, flattering on every complexion and helps helps whiten the eyes. I also recommend powder shadow as eyeliner, and my go-to is Thunderball by NARS, a grey/green that is the perfect alternative to black and helps highlight and lighten your natural eye color.

If you are hesitant to experiment on your eyes, try playing with lip color instead. A fool proof way to pick a shade is to look no further than your wedding flower color palette. If your bouquet has bright pinks or even red, try a red cherry lipstain like Laura Mercier in Crimson Tint or a sheer fuchsia lip gloss, like MAC’s Flashmode. Remember, you can always use the product sparingly – think more of a stain than a full-on colored pout – and still pack a punch of color.

As for cheeks, I always put a bit of color on the cheeks; my go-to shades are either cotton candy pink or a nice apricot. They are both a surefire way to make your face look bright and radiant, and in turn, make you look younger. The key is application – go sparingly! You can even have a touch of shimmer on the cheeks – the color will look like it’s radiating from within.

The truth is very little in life is timeless, and hair and makeup trends are no exception. Try as you might, when you do dust off those albums in the years to come, you might emit a giggle. But the most important part of the day is how you FEEL. And if you feel beautiful, you will look beautiful. So I suggest embracing your individual style, and don’t be afraid of a little color. Wear it with confidence, and it will still look modern and fresh for years to come.”

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About This Wedding Expert: Raychel Wade is a professional makeup artist and official La Prairie Colour Ambassador. She was voted ‘Best Makeup Consultant’ in New York Magazine‘s “Best of New York” and has been featured on the pages of Allure, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Real Simple, Lucky, Self, Fitness, Brides and both New York Magazine‘s annual Family and Wedding guides.

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