Having a metldown over your makeup? Ready to point a finger over your chipped polish? Find out how to avoid these wedding beauty disasters and more!

4 Wedding Beauty Disasters and How to Avoid Them

Summer K
4 Wedding Beauty Disasters and How to Avoid Them
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We’ve been to more than one wedding where a bride has a major meltdown, and usually it’s not over the groom flubbing his vows or the best man sharing some embarrassing story during a toast. Actually, it’s usually the little things that set them off on a downward spiral of tears, and usually it has something to do with hair, makeup or a tiny detail that seems magnified under the bright intensity of their big day.

While we can’t make you not obsess about the paper stock of your invitations or having too many “plus ones” (that’s just a given), but we can help you navigate and avoid some of the biggest beauty disasters you could face if you’re not adding the right products to your bridal arsenal.

Click through the slideshow above for some quick tips and product suggestions guaranteed to make your special day picture-perfect.

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Don't let beauty blunders accompany you down the aisle.

Bridal Beauty Disaster #1: Chipped nails are a common issue when you're tasked with getting dressed, carrying your bouquet, shaking hands and toasting the night away.

Solution: Sally Hansen® Diamond Strength™ No Chip Nail Color Infused with micro-diamonds and platinum, this advanced nail formula fights off chips and breaks, guarantees shine AND lasts up to 10 days (which means you're all set for your honeymoon too!).

Bridal Beauty Disaster #2: Smudged lipstick for brides and bridesmaids prior to your big photo op.

Solution: COVERGIRL Outlast Lipstain Water-based colorants add a lightweight flush of color, but last for hours AND are easy to apply with the pencil-like applicator.

Bridal Beauty Disaster #3: All-over tan that GETS all over you and your dress well before the first dance.

Solution: Bliss A Tan For All Seasons This advanced, streak-free tanner not only hydrates your skin, it also smells great, has a unique bronzer tracker that helps you get an all-over tan AND it's transfer-resistant to clothing and other material.

Bridal Beauty Disaster #4: An unexpected blemish pops up before you can even say "I do."

Solution: Visine Advanced Redness Reliever Eye Drops Welcome to one of the biggest secrets within the fashion and beauty industry. Visine takes the red out of blemishes and decreases swelling around the breakout spot. Don't pick or try to pop -- dab on a few drops, let it dry and then gently apply your concealer and powder over it.

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