You’re Doing It Wrong: Wearing Lipstick

Megan Segura



Few people know more about lipstick than Poppy King. The makeup entrepreneur started her own lipstick line at age 18 and has been working with makeup ever since, including her most recent company, Lipstick Queen. The number one lipstick mistake Poppy sees women making? Applying a full face of makeup with the lipstick.

“The mistake women sometimes make is to think that in order to wear lipstick, you need to have a full face on. Wrong! Lipstick looks fresh, modern and relaxed with minimal makeup everywhere else. To get the balance right, I always recommend you put your lipstick on first and then do your eye makeup and complexion last. Doing it this way around will automatically make you go softer everywhere else, thus avoiding looking overdone.”

Poppy also believes women could benefit from wearing lipstick more often. “Women often get stuck on the idea that lipstick is only for those formal, dressed up moments whereas in actual fact, lipstick comes into its own when you wear it in a casual and everyday way.”

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