We Answer Mens’ Biggest Beauty Conundrums

Amanda Elser

I asked the lovely men of the StyleCaster family what their number one beauty question were and the responses I got were pretty hilarious. Everything from waxing to peeing, nothing was off-limits (even some ladies chimed in!). Here are some of their top questions about womens’ beauty habits and why we do the things we do:

What percentage of women brush their teeth and pee while in the shower?

Um…I don’t know the exact stats on that, but I am going to say not many. At least not many that would admit to it. There was a little debate over whether or not this was common practice, but what it comes down to is how good you are at multitasking.

What do you think hurts more, a bikini wax for women or a back wax for men?

This is a joke right? What do YOU think would hurt more getting your junk waxed or your back waxed? Let’s face it, women go through a lot more pain than men.

When girls go to the bathroom together, what do they talk about? Isn’t it weird to havesomeonelisten to you do your business?

To be honest, we are probably talking about you and how angry or happy you make us. Listening to another girl pee doesn’t bother us. Men fart in front of each other, women pee in front of each other…common practice.

Do women know that guys don’t really like a bold red lip?

Yes, we know. No, we don’t care. We do it for ourselves and (for the sake of full disclosure) for other women. If you are confident enough to pull off red lipstick you’re confident enough to take on the world…or any man.

Why do girls “make that face” when they are applying makeup?

I like to refer to it as a girl’s “mirror face.” We all have it, and very few of us are conscious that we are doing it. It’s the face we make when applying eyeliner, fixing our hair or trying to catch our reflection in a car window. I guess you could say it’s what we envision we look like all the time… although I know for fact mine is not.

Why would girls thread their eyebrows?

Well color me impressed! The fact that you even know what threading eyebrows is means you have some semblance of beauty knowledge over say, the guy who asked about the peeing. To be honest, I have never tried threading, but apparently threading doesn’t hurt as much as waxing or plucking because the top layer of skin isn’t peeled or traumatized.

Why are girls so late to everything?

I wouldn’t say we are late to everything, but I will admit we tad to get a bit frazzled when getting ready for a big night out. I would just sum it up to our perfectionism. No matter how much time we have or how early we are, we’ll always find time to primp — even on our way out the door. That extra curl, one final spritz of hairspray, one more coat of lipstick…a lady’s job is never done.