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#WCW: Rihanna
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Tomorrow, on the second of July in the Year of Our Lord 2015, our Queen, Rihanna, is dropping a new music video—and to say that we can’t wait would be an understatement.

Rihanna has been killing us softly with her beauty and hair game for years now. Her fearless style, willingness to take risks and rebellious (yet chic) sensibilities have long made her one of our style, beauty and life icons. There could be no-one more deserving of the Woman Crush Wednesday crown; Bad Gal RiRi inspires our beauty on the daily.

In advance of the Bitch Better Have My Money video release, let’s take a look back at some of Rihanna’s most iconic and memorable beauty moments. Brace yourselves: she’s made A LOT of amazing hair choices.

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Her fearless style and rebellious yet chic sensibilities make Rihanna a force to be reckoned with. In advance of her new music video dropping on July 2nd, join us as we look back at her best beauty moments.

At the Teen People Listening Lounge, 2005.

At the outset of her career, Rihanna was billed as a squeaky clean pop princess and had the image to match: long, wavy hair and peachy, minimal makeup.

At the 21st Annual International Dance Music Awards, Miami, 2006.

With her icy silver eye makeup and natural curls, Rihanna began to experiment a little more with her beauty look, but still never straying too far from a look that's very pop-approved.

At the Teen Choice Awards, 2006.

We love Rihanna's take on the pinup-style Victory roll hair, but we're REALLY taken with her bright purple eyeshadow and fake lower lashes. Rih has said that she found her image around this time quite stifling, so it must have taken quite a lot of courage for her to push the envelope this far.

At the Jingle Ball, 2006.

And here it is: the cut that launched a thousand ships. Rihanna's angled bob signaled a change in her music as she moved away from dancehall-influenced pop and embraced a more R&B-influenced sound. It also signaled a serious change in her image, as Umbrella was about to show us...

At the Kid's Choice Awards, 2007.

After the release of Umbrella, Rihanna's career took off. She refined the shape of her angular bob (influenced by Charlize Theron in Aeon Flux) and mastered the nude lips-strong eyes look. With a look this gorgeous, anyone else would have been content to rest on their laurels; not Rihanna. She was already preparing for her next beauty transformation.

At Jay-Z and GIANT Magazine's MTV Movie Awards After Party, 2007.

Mere months after inspiring us with her asymmetical bob, RiRi was inspiring us to get bangs, too. This tricky-to-pull-off fringe length, worn with seriously smoky eyes and a bright berry lip, is perfection on her.

At the BET Awards, 2008.

In a world where every singer worth their salt was getting extensions down to their waist, Rihanna went even shorter with her hair. The piecey side-swept bangs and two-toned lips are slightly edgy, yet totally chic.

At the Tattoo Heart Collection to Benefit UNICEF cocktail party, 2008.

Though she got her first tattoo when she was 18, it wasn't until 2008 that she began to show them off. We love her ink, and we ESPECIALLY love her neon purple eyeshadow. Paired with short hair and glowing skin, this is a perfect way to incorporate bright colour into your look without edging into teenybopper territory.

At the Glamour Magazine Women Of The Year event, 2009.


Performing at the Staples Center, 2010.

The neon red hair arrived for Rihanna at a crucial moment. "With my hair I was ready for something new, something loud, something expressive and something fun," she said at the time. We are still obsessed with this fabulous, vibrant shade; it's so perfectly stylish yet fun.

At the American Music Awards, 2010.

When Rihanna arrived at the AMAs with this gorgeous scarlet cloud of curls that matched her immaculate red gown, we fell in love all over again. Actually, literally flawless.

At the Pre-Grammy Brunch At Soho House, 2010.

Beauty lesson: when rocking gigantic, amazing, gorgeous crimson hair, keep the rest of your beauty look minimal. Nude lips and lightly lined eyes are all RiRi needs to stun.

Courtside at the Lakers vs Grizzlies at the Staples Center, 2012.

Rihanna's elegant, slightly ombre curls worn with muted red lips are the things that dreams are made of. We still have this on our hair inspiration Pinterest board; look at those long, curly bangs! How is she so perfect?


At the ROC Nation pre-Grammys brunch, 2012.

Rihanna was wearing marsala lipstick before you were. This is because she is a magical angel who can even make buttery blonde hair with visible roots look totally elegant. What is her secret?

At the MTV VMAs, 2012.

Just when we thought she couldn't get any more gorgeous, she goes and rocks the hell out of a super-short pixie cut, big fake lashes and orange-red lipstick. She skipped her usual black-eyeliner-on-the-waterline look (her one makeup signature) in favour of light brown instead. This is a great way to get definition without any harshness.

At the Grammys, 2013.

It is a personal beauty pet peeve of ours that often celebrities NEARLY (but not quite) match their gowns to their lipstick, and there's nothing worse than a slightly off red. Rihanna at the Grammys is a master class in how to coordinate your lips with your dress; the color match is SO PERFECT, we'd swear she had them custom-made.

Front Row at Chanel, 2013.

A little blonder now, we love her lightly undone waves and gorgeous nude lips paired with dark, smoky eyes. It's hard to compete with Karl Lagerfeld, but Queen Rih is giving him a run for his glamourous money here.

At the Met Gala, 2014.

With her very structured gown, this loose, messy updo worn with baby pinks lips is PERFECT.

At the Grammys, 2015.

Her statement-making pink gown stoke the red carpet show, but can we talk about these brows? Flawless.

At the Met Gala, 2015.

Shut it down, everyone else: Rihanna was THE best dressed person at the Met Gala this year. That bob-length deep red hair! Those straight brows! That thick cat eye and elegant cut crease! The beauty spot! Every detail is perfect. We could not love this more.

And one more, because that's how much we love her.

At the Christian Dior Tokyo Ready-To-Wear Show, 2015.

Elegant, coppery-red waves, long red nails, take-no-crap attitude. Perfection.

At the BET Awards, 2o15.

THAT PONYTAIL, THO. *scream face emoji*

At the BET Awards, 2015.

Bitch better have her money, indeed.

In the video for Bitch Better Have My Money, 2015.

Though the official video for Bitch Better Have My Money isn't out until tomorrow, we've gotten a look at the trailer—and it looks amazing. We are here for RiRi's Patty Hearst style, and we can't wait to get inspired by the rest of the video on July 2nd. SLAY, QUEEN.

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