5 Genius Ways To Drink More Water

Kelly Dougher
how to drink more water

Photo: Celia Yu

Water is one of the most essential components of a healthy lifestyle. You can exercise regularly, eat well, and buy the most high-end skin care products—but if you’re not drinking enough water, your body will suffer. Not only does water help you maintain a healthy weight and feel less tired, but it also ups your beauty game, big time. When you’re drinking enough water, your skin shows its gratitude by becoming plump, clear, and glowing. And you’re probably not getting enough of it.

Drinking more water is easier said than done, though. To help you create a lifelong habit of staying properly hydrated, we’ve put together a list of the top five hacks for tricking yourself into drinking more water every day. Try these out; your beauty game (and overall health) will thank you.

1. Make it tasty.

A common complaint about water is that it tastes boring, and sometimes the water where you live can even taste bad. Luckily there’s an endless list of solutions to this problem that aren’t turning to soda or coffee.

If you like citrus, add a few limes or lemons to your water. If you have a sweet tooth, try throwing in some fruit as a garnish, such as blueberries or strawberries; pineapple in particular is a great choice for a summer drink. You could also add peppermint or crushed mint for an invigorating taste. Cucumber, watermelon, and kiwi are yummy options too.

Play around with mixing different ingredients in your water this summer; the possibilities go on and on. We suggest a mixture of ice, crushed mint, cucumber, and lemon for a morning wake-up call, and a sweet concoction of raspberries, blackberries, and sage instead of a diet Coke for a midday pick-me-up.

2. Invest in a nice water container…

Everyone has different tastes; some love their glass bkr while others swear by the stainless steel Hydro Flask because it stays cold all day. Some people even get creative and reuse items like mason jars or empty wine bottles. The important thing is to pick a container that makes you happy, whether because it makes your water taste better or even if it’s just a silly mug with a joke that makes you laugh.

Feel free to splurge on your container, especially if it means you drink more water to justify the cost. Whatever works.

3. …And keep it handy.

Treat your water bottle like it’s your phone and have it within reach at all times. Naturally you keep a water bottle with you at the gym, but don’t forget about it during the rest of the day. Sitting at your desk working? Your water should be right there. Going for an easy walk? Bring water even if you don’t think you “need” it. Feeling sluggish when you wake up in the morning? Keep a full glass of water at your bedside table and down it as soon as you wake up.

Also be sure to drink water when you’re having a few drinks: one glass of water for every alcoholic drink you consume, and another big glass of water before bed will do wonders for hangovers.

4. Try an app.

There are lots of phone apps that remind you to drink more water. We like Waterlogged, which works with your Fitbit. It uses photos of your cups to track the amount of water you’re consuming, and has lots of graphs and extra reminders if you choose the premium version. Daily Water is another great free app that will help you reach your hydration goals. And we especially love Plant Nanny, which uses cute cartoon plants to encourage you to drink more water.

Try a few different apps out and stick with the one that you find easiest (or most adorable) to use.

5. Make it a fun challenge.

Challenge yourself to drink at least eight glasses of water a day for a month. Take a photo of yourself before you start, and another at the end of the month. You’re likely to see a brighter, more even complexion, less redness and dryness, a reduction in dark under eye circles, and even fine lines may be filled in slightly.

You can also jot down a few notes in a journal as the month goes on to record any differences in how you feel; the journal combined with the before and after photos will help you remember how much your overall health improves when you drink enough water.

To make it even more fun, see if you can get your friends and family to join you in the challenge. Download a water tracking app together, and whoever records the most amount of water in a month is the winner. (And if you need extra motivation, the winner’s reward could be a nice Hydro Flask or bkr.) Happy hydrating!

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