15 Incredibly Chic Ways to Decorate Your Makeup Desk

Kristen Bousquet
15 Incredibly Chic Ways to Decorate Your Makeup Desk
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For many of us, makeup is more than just something you put on your body, it’s almost more of an art piece. Many people love to keep their makeup on display because of it’s beautiful packaging or just the overall look of it all organized on your vanity. Part of displaying your makeup correctly is having a chic makeup desk to organize it on.

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Rather than just tossing it on your dresser, consider purchasing a whole new desk or vanity just for your makeup. With some DIY lighting, cute little jars and bowls, and beautiful decorations like a mirror and some prints on the wall, making your makeup desk a chic place to beautify yourself can be easy.

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We’ve scoured the web for some of the most chic makeup desks that have been decorated in the most inspiring ways. Click through the slideshow to check them out and get inspired!

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For those into a more simple look, opt for a skinny table and basic accessories on top.

Photo: IKEA

Photo: nina broberg

To keep your space as clean looking as possible, store all your makeup inside the makeup desk's drawers and top it off with some flowers and a beautiful lamp.

Photo: Live Love DIY

If you choose a wooden desk, get a piece of glass sized for the top of the desk to protect the wood from being ruined by polish, powder and liquids.

Photo: IKEA

Not enough space on top of your desk? Use floating shelves on the wall to store even more product!

Photo: The Decorista

Use jars in various sizes to neatly store your products on your desk without having them laid out on top.

Photo: Decor Pad

Don't be afraid to color coordinate with boots, prints and lamp shades to give your space a bit of color.

Photo: The Decorista

If you're blessed with a beautiful bathroom like this, use the side cabinents to store your beauty products neatly.

Photo: Kitchen Designs by Debra

For a little something sweet, store products you have in bulk like nail polish or lipstick in little candy jars.

Photo: Houzz

To spice up the area around your makeup desk (and maybe provide you with some inspiration) frame a couple prints to hang above your desk and create a mini gallery wall.

Photo: A Cup of Mai

When looking for a mirror for your makeup desk, buy vintage! You can find some beautiful numbers like this one from thrift and antique shops that will give your makeup station some character.

Photo: Boston Magazine

Just like with makeup, totally don't be afraid of color! Paint the walls, grab a colored chair and coordinate your desk accessories with those!

Photo: Shannon Berrey

If you don't have a ton of makeup to display, opt for a small tray table that you can really stick anywhere!

Photo: The Everygirl

If you aren't into the idea of splurging on a vanity or table, visit your local Goodwill, a tag sale or an antique shop and find a desk that needs a little love. This gives you a great chance to personalize your desk as well.

Photo: Beauty for Bloggers

Stick with the theme of your house when creating a makeup station. If you live in a beach house, make sure to carry that theme over!

Photo: Tatertots and Jello

Use a glass top desk so you can view all your makeup inside without exactly having it out on your desk.

Photo: IKEA Hackers

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