Hair Showdown: Super Curly Vs. Relaxed Waves

Shenae Grimes, Olivia Wilde

Photos: Getty Images

Loose beachy waves and Old Hollywood Veronica Lake waves have been the go-to for years. And they both have one thing in common—the curls are loose and don’t have perfect structure. Movement is key. Last night Shenae Grimes went against the grain (no surprise there) with perfectly structured ringlets that weren’t brushed out. This reads a little too cutesy for us, like the grown up version of Shirley Temple curls. Although her jet black shade does edge up the look a tad. 

Someone else who agrees with us—Olivia Wilde. “Too many curls look a bit corny,” the actress told the Metro newspaper. “It’s something I call the LA curl. It’s where people put their hair in a curling iron and don’t brush it out. It’s important to keep movement in your hair.” We couldn’t agree more. Look at those perfect piece-y waves.

What do you think? Do super curly ringlets ever make it into your hair routine?

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