How to Do A Waterfall Braid in Under 5 Minutes

How to Do A Waterfall Braid in Under 5 Minutes
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Braids aren’t going anywhere, ever. They’ll always be the hairstyle you can lean on both when you’re having a less than stellar hair day or when you’re looking for an ethereally chic look for a formal event. Luckily, the humble braid is always making advancements, with the the waterfall braid holding court right now as a full-on favorite.

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In the above slideshow hairstylist Heather Olexa walks you through how to get the look at home, in under five minutes flat.

Photos by Spencer Wohlrab for Beauty High. Model: Natalia, Q Management

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Step 1: Prep hair by curling with an iron if you want the option of soft curls. Then, leave the front pieces out (1/2 inch to an inch in front on each side).

Step 2: Begin braiding on your right side. For the first section, split into three (like a normal braid). Cross the right side over the middle and then cross the left section in, but instead of threading the left through, just drop it down so it "waterfalls."

Step 3: For the next piece, add in your left section and your center section and then drop out your right section (essentially like French braiding, but leaving a strand to fall each time).

Step 4: Continue down the side of your head dropping pieces out.

Step 5: Repeat on the opposite side and secure both ends by criss-crossing bobby pins together at the back of the head.

Step 6: Go back through your braids and loosen a bit so they aren't as taut as a French braid.

Step 7: Show off your fancy new braid!

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