Watch: How to Get the Theysken’s Theory “Glow From Within”

Rachel Adler

For the Theysken’s Theory Spring 2013 show, the hair had a “modern grunge” vibe as Odile for Kerastase applied a mix of water and conditioner to each girl’s perfectly coiffed wig to style it into that “just out of the ocean” wave. To match this look, James Kaliardos, senior artist for MAC Cosmetics wanted to give the girls a makeup look that had a healthy “glow from within” — but also keep that grunge feel, so he applied blush to their eyelids for a bit of a redness around the eyes.

But, like we mentioned earlier, the key to this look was that glow — not overdoing it, but just enough where you had the perfect amount of flush, and obviously that comes down to a precise application. Kaliardos explains to us above exactly how to go about it.