Watch: Get Ocean Wave Inspired Nail Art

Rachel Adler

Nail art just very well may be one of our greatest pastimes, and we gathered a ton of inspiration during New York Fashion Week. At the Charlotte Ronson show, nail artist Simcha Whitehill (better known as Miss Pop) created an “ocean wave” look inspired by the natural ombre of the ocean water.

Using wedge makeup sponges and Color Club polishes, Simcha quickly and fluidly applied three different shades of blue (one at a time) to the corresponding makeup sponges and dabbed them on the nail. In the above video she explains how to get this ocean wave ombre look, supplying you with key tips like how long to let the polish absorb on the sponge.

Let us know what you think of the look, and if you try it yourself tweet us your final manicure to @BeautyHigh with the hashtag #NailCall to be featured in next week’s column!