Watch: Get Effie Trinket’s “Hunger Games” Look for Halloween

Rachel Adler

This Halloween you can’t just settle on any old costume considering there are so many great movies and celebrities to take inspiration from. From Nicki Minaj to basically all of the characters in “The Hunger Games,” if you want to do it up right this year all it takes is a bit of makeup, some teasing of the hair and some tips from your favorite pros.

We worked with MAC Cosmetics Senior Artist Neil Young and Bumble and bumble hairstylist Mischa G. to recreate the look of Effie Trinket from “The Hunger Games” on our model, Kristi Wilson. As all of you fans of the movie know, her look was a lot of fun (and a bit colorful) so it requires a few different shades of eye makeup and lip product, as well as big hair (and a streak of color in the hair if you so desire). The key here is to have fun with it, it is Halloween after all! Watch the video above to learn how to get the perfect Effie Trinket look, and try it yourself this Halloween.