Watch: How to Get Picture Frame Nail Art

Rachel Adler

The “picture frame” nail has been a trend on Pinterest ever since we first glimpsed that perfectly painted nude and black nail that took pinners by storm. Then we caught site of the MAC Cosmetics Holiday interactive video, and became even more obsessed with the trend. The concept of intertwining two shades of nail polish to highlight the shape of your nail is a fun one that we can definitely get behind – especially when it gives us so many opportunities to mix up the shades we use.

We had nail artist Miss Pop show us exactly how to get the look in the video above, giving us a few of her own tips and tricks along the way. We chose to use Essie’s Butler Please and Licorice for this look (plus a black striper pen) but you can mix and match however you please. Check out the video and try out the look yourself at home!