Watch: How to Get a Chiseled Body in Five Minutes

The third week in January is usually about the time our New Year’s resolution of “hitting the gym 5 times a week” starts to seriously slack off. Trust us, we get it.  It’s cold, you’re busy, and working up a sweat is, well, a lot of work. That’s why our 31 Days of Fitness program is all about at home training that you can do in front of your computer, whenever you want, with hardly any equipment.

We know that you’ve been religiously following our daily fitness gifs, so we’re excited to bring you another simple way to get the body of your dreams: a five minute workout.  Fitness guru and Xtend Barre founder Andrea Rogers has come up with this all inclusive, body chiseling workout video, exclusively for you!  Follow her moves and you’ll be five minutes closer to a longer, leaner, more toned version of your badass self. Enjoy!