WATCH: How to Curl Your Hair With a Curling Wand

Rachel Adler

When it comes to curling our hair, there are many tools, techniques and styles that we lust after and add to our “must-learn” list. When the curling wand came onto the market, promising professional looking, bouncy curls, we of course had to learn just how to use the new gadget and quickly added it to our repertoire  The best reasons that we’ve found for using the wand instead of an iron is for people who struggle with the clamp on a professional iron – if you end up getting a crease in your hair (or worse, tangled hair in the clamp) the wand is for you.

We enlisted hairstylist Benjamin Thigpen to teach us the ways of the curling wand (and how to not burn off our hair with it). In the video above he explains how long you need to hold the iron on your hair, which direction to hold it, and more!