Watch: How to Cover Dark Circles and Bags Under Your Eyes

Rebecca Shaw

One of the most frequently asked beauty questions is how to cover up dark circles and bags under the eyes. The most common causes are genetics, lack of sleep or allergies, but no matter what the cause, there’s a beauty fix for you!

Dark circles show up under the eyes where the skin is thin and delicate. The key is to conceal the darkness in order to brighten the eyes. Invest in a quality concealer that matches your skin tone and feels great on your skin. My favorite is Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Concealer Kit, which comes with the award-winning concealer and a powder to set everything in place. Gently dot the concealer on the under-eye area with a concealer brush or fingertip until blended.

Bags under the eyes show up in the same place as dark circles, however they are raised and puffy. The key here is not to conceal the bag itself, but to trick everyone else’s eyes into not seeing the shadow caused by the bag. All you need is an angled liner brush and a pressed powder one shade lighter than your skin tone. You want to place the powder where the bags are casting the dark shadow underneath the eye.

Watch the video above to learn the techniques and say goodbye to dark circles and bags under your eyes!