Watch: Get Glam New Year’s Eve Worthy Lashes

Rebecca Shaw

New Year’s Eve is the perfect occasion for glamorous false eyelashes! Thankfully, this must-have beauty accessory is easier to use than ever. You can choose from 100% real human hair, mink (Beyonce’s favorite!..and made with an animal-friendly brushing technique), or even synthetic lashes adorned with jewels or feathers that will all stand out at this year’s celebrations!
When applying false lashes, start by wrapping each one around your finger for a few seconds to give the lashes a natural curve. This helps them to form easily to the shape of your eye. Next, line the lash band with glue, wait about 10 seconds, and apply them directly along your lash line. Don’t worry, the glue won’t set immediately making it forgiving to any mistakes! Be sure to use quality glue that won’t cause harm when you remove your lashes later. (Duo Eyelash Adhesive is the best you can get!) Next, apply eyeliner where your eyelashes and false lashes meet. This will assure your look is seamless and also adds a beautiful dimension to your eyes. A liquid liner or eyeshadow with liner brush work best over false lashes. Last, but certainly not least, add your favorite mascara to bind your real and fake lashes together. Watch my video above for a quick and easy tutorial on New Year’s Eve worthy lashes, to get the look yourself!