Lady Gaga’s New Perfume Video Features Latex, Little Men, Lots of Skin

Laurel Pinson

Ever since Lady Gaga first announced she’d be releasing a perfume with Coty, we knew we’d be in for something spectacular. Each detail around the fragrance that’s followed — from the fact that the perfume sprays black and then turns clear to the scent itself (a heady mix of dripping honey and Tiger Orchid) — has been more spectacular that the last.

Considering all that, it’s no surprise that the new video for Gaga’s fragrance, directed by Steven Klein, is pretty epic. Though the video clocks in at a mere 34 seconds, it manages to cram in S&M references, semi-nudity, scampering little men, and lots of black latex. Basically: it doesn’t disappoint, and was apparently even deemed “inappropriate” for YouTube. We’re betting that’s even more reason for everyone to watch.