Want To Look Like Jennifer Aniston? It Only Costs $141,037

Amanda Elser

There’s a serious rift in our office whenever the name Jennifer Aniston comes up. The problem is I’m team Angelina and the rest of the office hates me for it. Not that I have anything against Jennifer Aniston, (I love Friends as much as the next gal), but when it comes down to it; Jen Aniston is the girl that spends $141 K on her beauty regime and Angelina… well, we all know what Angelina spends her money on… home-wrecker or not.

But I digress, what gold-infused, state-of-the-art beauty treatments is Jennifer getting done that cost her a whopping$141K? Luckily, our friends over at Total Beauty broke it down for us.

That Skin: While Jennifer is known for her love of the Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bar, all of her monthly facials and chemical peels for red carpet events totals an outstanding$1,186.95.

That Hair: For a woman known for her hair, we would expect nothing less than the best when it comes to chopping those iconic locks. A cut and highlight by celebrity hairstylist Chris McMillan and creator of “the Rachel” will set Jen back $920 – every six weeks.

That Makeup: A star like Jen doesn’t dare do her makeup herself for a special appearance. So couple the artist fees with the total cost of makeup and you’d get an average of$4,402. Totally bonkers.

Those Eyebrows: The first session with brow expertAnastasia Soare is $120, but since Jen is a recurring client she probably only spends about $80 a visit.

That Nose: Deviated septum or not, Jen has admitted to receiving two nose jobs totalling about$18,000.

That Tan: What, you think someone like Jen would damage her complexion with harmful rays? I may not be her biggest fan, but even I know she isn’t that ignorant. No, Jen visits Ibiza Tanning Salon in West Hollywood, California where an airbrush tan runs for$45.

That Body: As much as I love to hate her, I have to admit; Jennifer has a rocking bod. But with a weekly training bill of $900 from yoga guruMandy Ingber it’sno wonder.

That Diet: As everyone knows, a good workout plan is nothing without a good diet, which is why Jen spends around$685 a week on a custom diet plan fromdietitian Carrie Wiatt, RD.

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