Want Longer Lashes? You Now Have Options!


We all want to have perfectly curled, long, thick and dark va-va-voom lashes, without having to apply false lashes (is that too much to ask?). Well girls, we’re in luck, there are new ways to achieve these types of looks popping up everywhere. In addition to routine eyelash curlers and mascara, there are now lash tint and perming procedures we can have done at the salon for a longer lasting look. Results vary, but typically last 3-6 weeks, which sounds like a good deal to me.

Lash tinting is a process where your lashes are dyed (not permanently, obviously), and you will have the look of dark lashes whether you are wearing mascara or not. You may still want to use mascara for lengthening and thickening, but you will see a difference in color, especially for people who have lighter lashes.

Different salons may use different types of dyes, and may either have you lay down or sit up while your lashes are being tinted. The Boom Boom Brow Bar is a reputable salon, for they use a vegetable-based dye (typically used, but always a good idea to check!) that is designed for lashes. Vegetable-based dye is primarily used to lower the chance of any irritation. They also have you sit up during the tinting so there is less of a chance that any excess dye will get in your eyes. Dye is carefully put onto the lashes, and after it sets, the dye is washed off your lashes. They flush your eyes with a gentle formula to make sure there isn’t any excess dye in or around your eyes. Then you are good to go, and enjoy your dark lashes (for 3-6 weeks that is).

As for perming your lashes, it is essentially the same idea as curling your hair. Your lashes are curled on rollers made specially for lashes, and solution is applied. It is recommended to apply a conditioner afterwards. This lasts around 3-6 weeks (or the natural growth cycle of your lashes – if your lashes fall out they will grow back in regularly). Shizuka New York Day Spa seems to be the expert in this field, using the authentic Japanese technique.

Shizuka also offers eyelash extensions, which are literally synthetic lashes attached to your own with a special adhesive. Because they are actually attached to your lashes, they will last until the lash falls out, (usually lasting 4-6 weeks). Touch ups are also available.

Of course, as with all procudures done, especially to your eyes, there is a risk factor. Something to consider before running to the salon, is that both lash tinting and perming haven’t been approved by the FDA. However, that does not mean that it is unsafe, but you do have to choose your salon carefully and want to make sure it is done by a pro.

If you aren’t ready to try any of these procedures at the salon, that’s okay too, you can still get the look you want with an eye lash curler and mascara! I recommend the Shu Uemura eye lash curler, I may even call it a cult favorite. Also to our rescue, Jemma Kidd, the world renowned makeup artist has come up with Lasting Tint: Semi Permanent, Waterproof Lash Color, that you can apply on your own. This is different than mascara, because it won’t thicken or lengthen your lashes, but will darken them, for at least 24 hours, and washing it off must be done with an oil based makeup remover. As for mascara, there are so many it’s hard to choose, but I personally like Maybelline Volume Express The Falsies Mascara in Blackest Black and the famous, Dior DiorShow Mascara in Black.