Wake-up Call


Back in May I was in China for business for 10 days. I was actually sick the first two days I arrived and all I did was sleep (thank God for arriving on a Saturday) so when Monday morning rolled around I was able to get right on track. I didn’t have any problems adjusting to the time change.

Not so much the same for the return to the U.S. I was getting up in the mornings at 5 a.m. and wide awake. I’d wake up, have coffee and then watch some DVR until 6:45. Then my friend Christine texted me and said, “Hey I’m going to the gym in the morning. Do you want to meet me at 5:30 and be my gym buddy?”

My first reaction was to write back and be like, “Ooooh. I don’t think so. 5 a.m.?! Clearly you have me confused with someone else.”

But then I thought about it. Why not? I’m up that early any way because of the jet-lag. Why not parlay it into something healthy??


So I did it. I woke up at 5 a.m. — even before my alarm — and was out my door in 15 minutes. I’m not going to lie, I did put on a few swipes of L’Oreal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara before I made my way outside.  I’m sorry, but 5 a.m. really doesn’t look good on that many people, and I needed to do something to make me look human. Plus, mascara always makes me feel sexy.

When I arrived at the gym, I couldn’t believe how dead it was. There were only a handful of people working out. A million years ago when I used to do the gym early it was always packed. You were lucky to get the crappy StairMaster.

So Tuesday morning parlayed into Wednesday morning, which spilled over into Thursday morning. I am happy to say that I am on my third week of getting up at 5:15 a.m. and going to the gym. Last week, I actually went five days in a row.

I feel great! I actually don’t need coffee in the morning to wake me up after I’ve worked out, and I have so much energy during the day. When bed time rolls around I can actually fall asleep at a normal hour (9:30-10ish) without enlisting the help of melatonin. And the best part? I went to try on clothes the other day and the XL was way too big.

I don’t mind being a little tired in the morning for that reward!!

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