W Magazine Beauty Director Jane Larkworthy is One Cool Lady


RecentlyJane Larkworthy chatted withInto the Gloss about her favorite beauty products and fragrances. Apparently the W Beauty editor claims to “worship the God of NARS” and takes baths twice a day. She sounds pretty eccentric for a beauty editor, but we dig her style. She told ITG: “I once tweeted, ‘Am I the only beauty editor who tries out different products on different sides of her face?’ andSarah Brown fromVogue promptly wrote back, ‘Yes.”’ We’d have to agree with Sarah Brown on that one.

But apparently Jane’s outlandishness doesn’t end in her unconsciousness.”Actually, Deborah Lippmann was in my dream last night: I dreamt that she was in a concert,because she sings, too. Some other nail person was there—I don’t know who—and they were trying to steal my attention from watching Deborah sing. Read into that one, Dr. Freud.”

Uh, Jane, can we hang out?