Game Changer: Votre Vu Le Joli Crayon Soft Eyeliner

Victoria Moorhouse
votre vu crayon

Photo: Votre Vu; Graphic Design: Candace Napier

Besides tinted Lip Smackers, eyeliner was one of the first beauty products I ever experimented with. I’d heavily apply bottom liner only—think Avril Lavigne circa 2004—before graduating to lining up upper lashes, and maybe, just maybe a cat-eye wing.

But my relationship with eyeliner didn’t last that long after high school. I got sick of having raccoon eyes the minute I blinked and decided lipstick was a much safer option.

As you may have guessed, I’m about to tell you that a big part about getting your eyeliner to stay where you want it to be is about finding that perfect formula. And for me, it’s Votre Vu Le Joli Crayon Soft Eyeliner ($23,

The liner has a gel consistency that applies with ease—even I, a person who hasn’t regularly worn the stuff in years, have managed to make a precise line with it—and it doesn’t budge. I’ve applied it before a party only to return to my apartment hours later to find it, shockingly, still intact and looking good. Besides a little smear near my brow bone that I could easily wipe right off, it was relatively mess-free.

Other than the fact that they are long-wearing, Votre Vu’s eyeliners have seriously intense color payoff. Believe it or not, Azure (a slightly shimmery turquoise blue) is my favorite. I wear it on its own on my top lid with just a touch of mascara.

While I’d still classify myself a “lip girl” for sure, this product has pushed me to give liner another chance. Anyone have any liquid liner recs? I’m up for the challenge.

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