How to Use Volumizing Products When You Already Have Thick, Curly Hair

Caitlin S. Miller
volumizing hair

Photo: ImaxTree

If you have thin, fine hair, we don’t have to tell you a volumizing spray or mousse is your best friend. But for anyone who is born with naturally thick waves or curls, adding more volume to your locks seems counterintuitive and frankly, unnecessary. But products that claim to boost volume don’t have to be reserved for those seeking height. In fact, a good volumizer does so much more. We spoke to TRESemmé Celebrity Stylist John D to get the low down on how to use volumizing products for thick, curly hair.

Who needs a volumizer.
First and foremost, let’s break the myth volumizers are only for thin hair. “Products that are volumizers are good for adding volume to limp, fine hair, as well as enhancing the fullness and bounce of hair that is naturally full of texture,” says D. “The benefit to using a volumizing product in naturally full hair is to encourage even more volume that is soft and long-lasting, with a polished finish.”

What to buy.
Now that we’ve convinced you curly-haired girls to give volume-enhancers a shot, you might be wondering which of the plethora of options in the hair aisle is actually right for you. When it comes to products to use in the shower, try opting for a co-wash or pre-wash to add and retain your natural shape. D recommends TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner and Shampoo ($5 each, because they’re designed to work in reverse to leave hair feeling voluminous, soft, and touchable. This system first softens the hair with conditioning agents via the pre-wash conditioner, then it washes away any excess weight with the shampoo. “The result is hair that is light, airy, and naturally full of movement,” explains D. “Plus, if you’re rocking big full hair, a naturally full finish is the perfect way to compliment the style.”

We recommend also opting for a dual-purpose leave-in spray that can help with touch-ups and work wonders on those with wavy—yet full—hair, who might only want a small boost. Dove Oxygen Moisture Root Lift Spray ($6, is a go-to in our books.

When and where to apply.
It’s ideal to apply a volumizing product when hair is damp, says D. “This tends to give a bit more control, while also reducing frizz,” he explains. Another way to ensure lift—without the frizz—is to concentrate the product application at the root of the hair to allow the volumizers to expand and lift where you need the most help. (This will help give height and hold up curls that might normally be weighed down!) D suggests starting at the back and working forward when applying. “This way, if you have a little too much product in your hands, you won’t weigh hair down on the top and front of your style,” he explains.

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