7 Tricks for Adding Serious Volume to Any Hair Type

Aly Walansky
Photo: ImaxTree

Photo: ImaxTree

Even the best of blowouts can go flat, and all of us—yes, even the thick-haired—crave a boost in hair volume from time to time. But when we’re running out the door, we lack both the time and desire to fuss with our style. Fortunately, there are some quick and easy ways to add volume in an instant, and better still, they don’t require much effort at all.

Perk Up Your Roots
The best volume starts at the root of your hair, says Younghee Kim of the Younghee Salon in Manhattan. Start off in the right direction by massaging the scalp in the shower to stimulate the root and hair itself, and be sure to begin the process with a good shampoo that thoroughly cleans the scalp and hair.

Hair Extensions
Take the easy road and use easy clip-in extensions for instant volume wherever you want it, says Celebrity Hairstylist and Hair Extension Expert Angelo David Pisacreta of Angelo David Salon.

Hot Rollers
In regard to hot rollers, celebrity hair stylist Stephanie Harris says, “The bigger the curl, the more volume for your hair!” To achieve the biggest possible curl, she suggests setting the hair in stand-up pin curls or with heated rollers. These processes don’t have to be accomplished overnight, but to achieve the best results, you should use a holding spray as you style. Harris says, “Once you’ve applied the holding spray, let dry to allow the curl to set and then style as needed.”

Maintain the Lift
Pull hair into a high ponytail or bun—be sure that your pony or updo is loose so as not to leave any indentations from the hairband—when you leave the house and let it down when you’ve reached your destination. This will keep the hair from getting flat, says Dora Berrios of Pierre Michel Salon.

Use the Right Products
If your hair is dried and you’re short on time, nothing gives you a quick boost quite like hairspray, says Pisacreta. Just tip your head upside down, use your fingers to lift sections, and mist on hairspray at the roots. Make sure you wait a few seconds for the spray to dry before taking another section. Once you’re done, finger style your hair into place. For root lift on wet hair, Pisacreta recommends misting on a volumizing spray before blow drying your damp hair. Apply it to your roots and lift them with a brush as you apply heat from your blow dryer, then dry the rest of the section. The smaller the sections you take, the more root lift you’ll be able to achieve.

Dry Shampoo
Dry shampoos not only “clean” your hair, but they give it a quick pick-me-up, too. Apply it to your roots first, then work it through to the ends. Tip your head upside down and “set” with your blow dryer as you use your fingers to place your hair in whatever style you like, says Pisacreta.

Change Your Part
By changing your part, you can create volume at the root, which instantly gives your hair a lift. Why? Switching your part to the opposite side you normally use goes against your hair’s natural growth direction on top, Pisacreta says.

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