‘Vogue Arabia’ Enlisted the Help of a Black-Owned Business for Its Anniversary Cover

‘Vogue Arabia’ Enlisted the Help of a Black-Owned Business for Its Anniversary Cover
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Despite the rapid decline of print magazines, Vogue continues to thrive in the States and abroad. Last year, the historic title launched its first-ever Arabia edition and now that its inaugural period has passed, a fashion-forward celebration has commenced … and it’s seriously stunning.

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In a world exclusive, two generations of icons unite for the anniversary issue of #VogueArabia, with not one, but three covers. With life stories deeply rooted in the Arab world, @imaanhammam and @the_real_iman are the perfect cover stars for the bumper March issue. In our biggest-ever issue, expect modest fashion trends, bold beauty, empowering women, icons of Arabia, celebrity interviews, and a Middle Eastern royal contributor. Plus, so much more… #ImaanHammam and #Iman both wearing @ysl dresses and @thewraplife turbans في سبق عالمي فريد من نوعه.. يلتقي اثنان من أجيال أيقونات الجمال معاً لرسم معالم ليس غلافاً واحداً أو حتى غلافين اثنين، بل ثلاثة أغلفة مبهرة احتفالاً بمرور عام على إطلاق أول عدد ورقي من #ڤوغ_العربية. وعلى خلفية قصصهما الحياتية الضاربة بجذورها في أعماق العالم العربي، كانت الأنيقتان إيمان همَّام @imaanhammam وإيمان عبد المجيد @the_real_iman نجمتيّ الغلاف المثاليتين لعدد مارس الزاخر بالكثير من المواضيع. وفي عددنا الأضخم على الإطلاق، انتظروا صيحات أزياء محتشمة، وإطلالات جمالية جريئة، وتعزيز نهج تمكين المرأة، فضلاً عن مشاهدة أيقونات العالم العربي والاطلاع على حوارات حصرية أجريناها مع عدد من المشاهير، بخلاف شخصية مساهمة من إحدى العائلات الحاكمة في الشرق الأوسط. كل هذا، وأكثر... ترتدي كلٌّ من #إيمان_همام و#إيمان فستاناً من إيڤ سان لوران @ysl مع توربان من ذا راب لايف @thewraplife مديرة قسم الأزياء: كيتي تروتر @katieellentrotter، تنسيق الأزياء: ميكيل فيلوز @michael_ philouze، تصوير: @patrickdemarchelier، تصفيف الشعر: أوسكار جيمس @oscarjameshair وتومو جيداي @tomojidai، المكياج: بورشه @porschefabulous

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Behold, two supermodels in all their glory: same name, same background, different generations. Whether it was through her seasoned runway career, marriage to the late David Bowie or inclusive makeup line, you’re probably familiar with Iman (no last name needed).

Her cover companion is Imaan Hammam, an Egyptian and Morrocan beauty that’s been working professionally since 2010 and is already considered a supermodel for the millennial generation. Both women have life stories rooted in Arab culture, which made all three covers a no-brainer.

Also, we’re stanning for the fact that Vogue Arabia is actually featuring women who resemble their readers. Oh, and the cultural relevance doesn’t stop there. Both ladies are also fashioned in custom-made head wraps by The Wrap Life, a black-owned brand based here in the United States.

We can’t recall ever seeing a small business featured so prominently on a high fashion cover, so it’s definitely a groundbreaking moment. In a post on her personal Instagram page, The Wrap Life founder Nnenna Stella shared her thoughts on getting to work with the Vogue team.

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“January 1st, I decided I wanted to see my work on the cover of a major magazine. I didn’t even specify the magazine but I was certain of 2 things. The cover would be gorgeous and I knew exactly how I’d feel seeing the cover.February 9, I was invited to style wraps for Vogue Arabia,” she wrote. “I didn’t believe it was real. I actually requested the call sheet before I took it seriously. Two days later I was on set, wrapping @the_real_iman.”

Vogue Arabia truly did it “for the culture” and we couldn’t be prouder. Check out more of The Wrap Life here and then check out all of the different ways you can style your accessory.