Starting a Youtube Channel? 6 Vloggers Teach You All About Lighting

Kristen Bousquet

After binge-watching beauty YouTube videos, many of us have the thought at one time or another that we’re interested in starting our own YouTube channel. Of course, it seems simple at first: Grab a camera, turn it on and teach everyone your skills and expertise. In some cases, yes, it can be easy, but you’re missing one crucial part of having a successful YouTube channel: lighting.

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How many times have you skipped over watching a certain beauty video on YouTube just because the lighting wasn’t up to par? Terrible lighting makes it harder to see exactly what you’re doing and most people would rather just skip the video and choose something with better lighting than sit there trying to figure out what the heck you’re doing. How do you get good lighting on YouTube videos you ask? Well, we turned to some of our favorite YouTube beauty gurus to help us figure it out.

Kandee Johnson

JerikaSyncere Wilson

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Mei Mei Makeup


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