This Intricate Braid Tutorial is Going Viral on Instagram

This Intricate Braid Tutorial is Going Viral on Instagram
Photo: ImaxTree

Trying out new hairstyles is usually a breeze. But sometimes, the tutorials we discover online go far beyond our capabilities. We’re stuck thinking which hair strand goes under which and whether to twist away from the head or toward it. Plus, all of that manipulation can quickly turn into a fierce arm workout you never anticipated.

Luckily, we have beauty hackers like recent Instagram sensation, Camelia Katoozian, who make life a little easier. Earlier this week, she figured out how to create seven-strand braids (!) without making the process look too complicated and revealed how she achieves the intricate look in just four steps, which are as follows:

-Tie hair to one side

-Take 2 separate sections and braid each part

-Have one strand aside in between the two braids

-Take the one strand and go over and under the braids you just made

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The accompanying video demonstrates the process for how she achieves the editorial look without breaking a sweat. Katoozian’s thick, long hair certainly makes the end product look double tap-worthy, and with over three million views, it’s safe to say the hair game has been changed.

We recommend studying this video all day, so you can be everyone’s #HairGoals this weekend.